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The roaring 20's were a vivacious period in American history. The economy was booming just after WWI, and prohibition was in full swing. Gangsters and speakeasies became icons of the time, along with flapper girls who were pushing the standards of American culture.


In the 1920's, flappers emerged as a new breed of woman. They abandoned the stuffy victorian ways of their parents for a life of fun. They listened to jazz, wore short skirts and fancy dresses, drank cocktails at speakeasies, and wore more makeup.


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1920's Flapper Costume Styles

The flappers of the 20s all came up with their own outfits, so it's partially a matter of personal style, but it means that the opportunities are unlimited. Some of the things that most flapper costumes have in common are boas, dresses with many layers of fringe and sequins that shake when you dance, curly wigs, feathers, hats, necklaces, makeup, cigarette holders, gloves, and headbands. Of course not every flapper costume will have all of these, but you can mix and match to create your own 20's Halloween fashion.

1920's Flapper Slang Guide

The huge underground speakeasy culture that flappers lived in and helped to create had a whole new slang vocabulary for the time, including some words we still know today. If you're going to be a flapper for this Halloween or your next upcoming 1920s theme party, you have to know how to talk the talk.

  • The cat's pajamas - Means that something is the best
  • The bee's knees - Same meaning as cat's pajamas
  • The big cheese - the most important person, or the boss
  • Baloney - nonsense
  • Hooch - liquor or alcohol
  • Speakeasy - an illegal bar in the 1920s where you could get alcohol during prohibition
  • Clam - a dollar
  • Bird - a woman
  • Bimbo - a tough guy (much different than the usage today!)

Now that you know how to talk like a flapper and have the perfect flapper costume, people will think you came straight out of the roaring twenties.

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