Best Gas & Charcoal Grill Reviews

If you are looking to find your next grill, Bobby's Best has you covered. Our easy to read and reliable grill reviews will help you pick the best barbecue grill for you and your family. We cover gas grill reviews (natural gas & propane), charcoal grill reviews, portable grills, infrared and indoor and outdoor grills, as well as grill parts and grill coupons. Brands reviewed include Lynx, Weber, Viking, Ducane and DCS. Let us help you find the best grill for you at a price your family can afford from the wide variety of 2013 models.

Standard Gas Grills

A standard gas grill is the best option for most families. These grills typically cost $300-$700 and come with multiple burners, enamel finish and stainless steel trim and accents.

Luxury, Outdoor & Built in Gas Grills

If you have the money to spend, a high-end grill will pay dividends for many years. Many premium grills have features such as an all stainless steel construction, stainless or brass burners, side burners, built-in lighting, an infrared burner and a lifetime warranty. We have covered a wide range of models based on available space and budget.

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Charcoal Grills
Portable Grills

The portable grill market has gotten a lot more competitive over the past few years with slick new models that run on gas, propane, charcoal or even electricity depending on your needs.

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Many people are very loyal to a specific grill brand. For that reason, we have organized some of our favorite models by manufacturer.

Finding the Right Grill

There are a lot of grills out there on the market, in all shapes, sizes, fuels, prices, and technologies. Our job is to help you find the best grill for your needs, whether that be a small city grill or a big charcoal grill for your country home. The best bbq is usually one that meets both your needs and your budget. If you are just learning how to grill, a basic model will do fine. However, as you will see from our detailed grill reviews, premium grills come with features that help set them apart. A good grill should last more than 10 years, and you can keep it up to date with replacement grill parts as individual components wear down.

Our bbq grill reviews won’t bore you will all the details. We try to summarize what's good and bad from simple portable models to unique custom grills. Also, although many vendors have both liquid propane (LP) and natural gas models, we typically review one or the other as they perform the same. Converting a propane grill to natural gas is usually pretty easy and it's often easier to buy the converter kit directly from the manufacturer than to try and find it at a store. Also, don't forget that buying grills online can save you significant money both on sales tax and through free shipping offers.

Specialized Grill Types
Featured Grill Vendors