2013 Infrared Grill Reviews

While gas and charcoal represent about 95% of all grills, the infrared burner has changed the game. Innovations in luxury grills have resulted in integrating infrared cooking technology into the best grills and this has been trickling down into less expensive models. Infrared BBQ grills can cook at temperatures much higher than standard gas grills, allowing you to get a better char on the outside of your steak, sealing the juices in leaving the middle nice and juicy. The basic infrared grill works by focusing the flame of a propane or natural gas grill onto a specially designed ceramic tile with thousands of microscopic holes in it. This special tile then radiates with infrared heat, kicking your cooking into high gear.

All of the grills we review have a similar infrared grill burner, but they come in different shapes and sizes to meet your needs. TEC has laid the path for infrared grills, but there are a lot of other great companies making their own versions as well. Learn more about the 2013 infrared grills below.

Outdoor Infrared Grill

Tec infrared grills are the pioneer in this category, but Napoleon and other manufacturers have brought it up another level with luxury infrared cooking grills. For the best cooking possible without investing in a built-in system, these grills are your best bet. They run on propane or natural gas, and put out an incredible amount of heat. Perfect for the professional weekend barbecuer.

Portable Infrared Gas Grills

Imagine a grill that you can take anywhere but puts out as much heat or more than your standard gas grill. That’s what you get with portable infrared. With 155+ square inches of infrared cooking area, and weighing in at about 20+ pounds, these models are for serious mobile grillers.

More about our Infrared Grills Reviews

There are so many infrared cooking grills out there on the market, we couldn’t (and wouldn’t!) put them all up on this page. We have chosen only the best ones for your infrared grilling pleasure. There are several brands that are the best in class. You may have noticed that there are no char broil models listed here and that is because char broil spun off a line called TEC Infrared Grills that are higher quality than their standard charbroil offerings.

Along with TEC, the Napoleon Infrared Grill is one of the best out there, but other brands such as Fire Magic, Solaire, Twin Eagles, Broilmaster, Alfresco also offer a great product. Most brands will throw on a basic infrared grill rotisserie just to call get the word infrared onto their product, however you want to make sure that you choose an infrared grill with a dedicated burner built in.

Built-In outdoor grills are the ultimate pick for an outdoor kitchen that will last you forever. While they may be more expensive, they come with long warranties and durability that your average stand-up grill just can’t compare to. To top it all off, you need to make sure that you have infrared cooking power in your outdoor grill. It will give you flare-free, even cooking at high temperatures. Many of these infrared outdoor grills even have built in infrared rotisseries. For the gourmet outdoor chef.

Infrared Grill Merchants