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Best Mid Size Flat Panel Television

Ready to make the upgrade to a flat panel TV and want to know what best LCD or Plasma options? If you need need a new HDTV TV small enough not to dominate a room, but with a big enough screen to bring your favorite movies to life, then a flat panel 32- or 37 inch LCD TV is the answer. Whether hung on a wall or perched on an entertainment center, a 32- or 37-inch LCD TV will deliver a fantastic viewing experience and will only be the center of attention when it is on. Check our top models from companies like Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic and LG, and then link to premier online retailers like to purchase. 

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32" Flat Panel Television Best Picks

A 32-inch flat panel LCD TV is usually the best choice for a bedroom, a smaller living room or an office. 32" TV's will work in a variety of locations without taking over the room. It was only a few years ago that a 32" was a really big TV, it's funny how times have changed. Get the best 32 inch LCD TV!

37" Flat Panel Television Best Picks

With a 37-inch flat panel LCD TV, you get the best of both worlds: it’s big enough to really enjoy your favorite shows, and it fits well into most living rooms. Bobby’s Best has brands like Sony, LG and Samsung, or you can link to to check out their bestsellers.

Samsung 32
Samsung 32

Television Features That Count

  • Screen Formatting. Many TVs on the market today have a widescreen aspect ratio, with the most common being 16:9. This is great for movies but can distort television shows, which are usually broadcast in a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you buy a 16:9 TV, make sure it can properly display 4:3 programs as well, or else your favorite TV characters will always look a bit stretched.
  • Speaker Placement. Today’s flat panel TVs take up much less room than those big boxes we all used to have, but speaker placement can really make a difference in a TV’s footprint. Many companies put their speakers on the sides of the TV, making it take up a lot more space than it has to. If you have a big entertainment center this is fine, but if you have limited space, look for TVs that have the speakers placed on the bottom of the set. This way, you won’t have to sacrifice screen size to make the TV fit.
  • Contrast Ratio. LCD TVs use a backlight to generate their picture and as a result the black color in LCD TVs tend to not be as sharp as people like. Look for a high contrast ratio (above 1,000:1) to make sure you get sharp, deep blacks.
  • HDMI. These are the highest-quality inputs/output ports, and can deliver the highest-quality picture and audio from your DVD player, DVR or video game system (much better than those old red, white and yellow wires). Look for at least one HDMI port, if not two, especially if you have a high end TV or home theater. That way, you can use separate video and audio cables to optimize your experience.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP). PIP allows you to watch multiple shows, movies or sporting events at once, with one as the primary display and the others as secondary displays in boxes on the screen. This is perfect for when your favorite baseball and football teams are playing at the same time. Many late-model TVs have PIP, and some allow for multiple PIPs, although the additional secondary displays might have to come from an auxiliary source like a DVD player.
  • LCD or Plasma? Probably the biggest feature that you will have to evaluate, especially with bigger TVs, is whether it is LCD or plasma. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. As was mentioned previously, LCD TVs often do not give deep, true blacks, which plasma does give. LCD TVs also have a narrower viewing cone than plasma; if you try to watch an LCD TV from too far off to the side, the picture quality will be degraded. On the other hand, LCD TVs generally have a longer life, with most are guaranteed to 60,000 hours, while plasma TVs, on the other hand, can have a lifespan of as little as 30,000 hours. Plasma TVs also can suffer burn-in—the term for when an on-screen image leaves slightly visible and fairly annoying ghost image—although newer models incorporate improved technology that makes burn-in less common.


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Bobby’s Best has the top flat panel 32” and 37” LCD TVs and best 32 inch televisions. Check out Samsung's best 32 LCD HDTV, Samsung's best 37 inch LCD TV,, LG 32-inch LCD TVs, LG 37-inch LCD TVs. Budget picks include the Magnavox 32"" LCD TVs, Magnavox 32-inch LCD TV, Sharp 32-inch LCD , and of course the Sharp 37"" LCD TV. Always a favorite are the Sony 32-inch LCDs, Sony 37-inch LCD TVs, Panasonic 32 LCD TVs and Panasonic 37-inch LCD TVs. A 32" or 37" flat panel LCD TV is great for the living room or the family room—you won’t believe the picture quality and will love the way your favorite movies look. Check out our picks, or link to above to see their bestsellers, especially if you are looking for a 32" LCD TV.

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