Custom Birthday Cards

Sometimes even harder than remembering a loved one, family member, or a friend's birthday is figuring out which card to send and what message to write. Remember this is 2011, no need to go to the local convenience store and stand in the card aisle for countless hours reading message after message in your search for the perfect card. Whether you want a straight, simple, and to the point approach of simply wishing someone a happy birthday or if you want to send a funny card to give your birthday boy or girl a laugh for their big day you can surf the net for the perfect birthday greeting. Online is the easiest, fastest, and fun way to create custom birthday cards. E-cards are perfect for quick delivery and give you a lot of options with music and fun animation. Sending and mailing a birthday greeting is a more traditional approach and one that will surly make someone's birthday extra special. Birthday wishes mean a lot; a few words when written well, have the power to make someone feel special and joyous for more than just the day!

Birthday Card Coupon Codes & Discounts

Tiny Prints has fresh ideas to match any one's birthday style from funny, belated, romantic, to photo birthday cards to celebrate! Tiny Prints can make any upcoming birthday a celebration with custom cards that can be ordered today and shipped tomorrow or sent directly to the recipient! All there birthday cards are backed up by 100% satisfaction guarantee, but with their trendy typography, cool graphics, and photo options we can guarantee you will be sending your a Tiny Print for many more birthdays to come!

Original and distinctive designs make Shutterfly birthday cards a favorite choice when you want to leave a lasting impression. Just choose a photo, personalize your text, select your favorite color and an accomanying font.  The recipient will know that a Shutterfly birthday card is made with love!

Customize a birthday card with a photo and a note to create the ultimate personalized greeting cards to celebrate a milestone with Snapfish. With new designs being added daily by artists from around the world personalized photo cards are great gift to share with friends and family.

Designing Your Own Birthday Card

What's not to love about a birthday. Okay, maybe not everyone is too keen on growing older but birthdays are a great time to gather with your friends and celebrate all that you have accomplished and what's to come in the upcoming year. We love giving and receiving cards as it is sometimes a simple piece of paper that can make someone's day. When sending a birthday card remember these simple tips:

  • Personalize it! Add your own photos for a custom greeting! If you are celebrating a big milestone such as a 50th birthday look for a picture from the birthday girl or boy's childhood to put next to a current mugshot!
  • Know your audience! Instead of purchasing a generic birthday greeting card, use your imagination and creativity to design a card tailor-made for the birthday card recipient. You express so much more with a personal touch so make sure to include the recipients favorite colors, style, and interests in the card.
  • Add a message! Make sure to add a small note to express your warm wishes!
  • Check when you items ship! Know both the date of the celebration and the date that the cards you order will arrival. You don't want to be tardy for the party...if you are pron to forgetting or always last minuet definitely look into Belated Birthday cards to get you off the hook!
More About Online Birthday Cards

Birthdays only come once a year, make the day special. Nothing shows how much you care quite like personalized birthday cards. That's why we've made it easy to create the ideal birthday greeting cards for everyone on your list! Shop now to find the perfect birthday card design, add unique text and start celebrating in style.

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