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Whether you craving a rich smoothie or are about to embark on the latest detox diet, juicing is an easy way to provide yourself with a high level of quality nutrition. Millions of people have turned to juicing to get more nutrients, cleanse their bodies of toxins, or prevent disease and live longer. But like with any good gadget, you have to find a juicer that fits your lifestyle and one that you will use long term. The key is finding a juicer that is easy enough to use over and over again that it will keep you from drinking store bought juices, which are not as good nutritionally or financially as juicing yourself. Juicers vary in size, speed, weight, and capabilities all depending on your personal needs and expectations.

Breville 700-Watt- Compact Juice Fountain
Breville 700-Watt- Compact Juice Fountain
  • Powerful
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Internal pulp container
  • Only one speed
  • Expensive replacement parts
  • Though named "Compact" the unit is pretty large.

I recently jumped on the juicing bandwagon and bought the Brevil BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain, after it was recommend by several friends. I have seen Breville’s products popping up more and more in the high end kitchen gadget arena and they seem to be building a name in the growing juicer category.

The BJE200XL is one of the smaller models that Breville offers, although it’s not compact by normal standards, if you are planning to leave it out on your counter.  The BJE200XL, like most of Breville’s products  is an example of good product design in that it is simple, practical and attractive. The outside is sleek and it looks great out on the counter. With its 700 HP motor and feed tube large enough to juice whole carrots, beets, and small apples this model is powerful yet relatively quiet for a juicer. Over the last few weeks I have tested many different fruits and vegetables. Once you gather all your ingredients, you can put everything directly into the 3 inch feeding tube, which is big enough that an apple, cucumber, tomato etc. will fit easily. The blade features a stabilizing dual knife assembly which centers the fruits or vegetable over the cutter and filter and minces them into tiny pieces. The micromesh filter holds back the pulp while letting the juice with its natural colors slip through.  I found that the slower you push your fruit through, the more juice you get out of it and if you buy organic, you do not even have to peel most of your fruits and veggies.

One thing to note is that the BJE200XL if you're not careful, small pieces can fly out of the chute.  Also make sure you put the collection pitcher right up against the juicer tightly so you don't spill or drip and wait until you have turned off the juicer and the blade stops before removing your juice glass as sometimes more juice will pour out as the blade slows down.

Cleaning the Breville is really quite simple even though it looks like it’s going to be very messy. The whole top assembly comes off you can wash the pieces by hand (after scooping out the pump) or everything is also dishwasher safe which is a huge plus.

If you are looking to get into juicing, this is about the best unit that you can get for the money (Under $100 on Amazon).


Devils Advocate:

If you want something a bit more industrial, check out the models with multi speeds like the Breville Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor to juice virtually all fruits and vegetables from the finest leafy greens to the hardest fruits.

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