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Built-in grills are a stylish way to incorporate outdoor cooking into your home. If you have a pool or patio area that you use for entertaining, a built-in grill makes outdoor cooking easy and hassle-free. Plus, there are a huge number of accessories that can also be built-in, including cocktail stations, gas ranges, ovens and warming drawers. With just a couple of purchases you can have an entire outdoor kitchen, perfect for those summer days when you just don't want to go inside. Weber, Lynx and Viking all make excellent built-in models, so be sure check out our other review and information pages before making any purchasing decision. According to our research, Alfresco, Crown Verity, Vermont Castings, Wolf, Char-Broil, Fire Magic, Solaire, Napoleon, Kalamazoo, Cal Flame, Capital, DCS and OCI also make great built-in grill models, and we hope to have reviews and information about these brands soon.

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Featured Built-In Grill Brands

As with most cooking equipment, the prices of built-in grills vary. In general, the different brands fall into the fallowing pricing categories, although it differs with individual models.

Lower Price Built-In Grills: Cal Flame, Capital, Char-Broil, Fire Magic, Napoleon, Solaire

Mid-Range Built-in Grills: Alfresco, Crown Verity, OCI, Weber, Vermont Casting, DCS

High-End Built-In Grills: Kalamazoo, Lynx, Wolf, Viking

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Below are some tops picks for gas, charcoal and electric built in grills. You can also try our cool search feature and find the best price on a built-in model from multiple vendors.

About This Bobby’s Best Built-In BBQ Grill Review Page

This page has been designed to give an overview of built-in gas grills, and direct users to reviews and information about specific brands including Weber s, Lynx and Viking-- all of which are some of the best built-in gas grills on the market. In the future we aim to also have information and reviews for Alfresco, Crown Verity, and  DCS models. Those are some of our favorites, but we are also big fans of Capital, Cal Flame and Fire Magic built-ins. These companies all make regular and stainless steel built-in grills, so take your time and look at the pros and cons for each. We always try to give you accurate reviews and links to top stores with the best prices. Built-ins come in many varieties, including four-burner, six-burner and infrared. Also, there are natural gas, propane, natural gas, hardwood and duel fuel models to choose from plus conversion sets for each. Please take your time looking through all our reviews and information, we think you'll find the built-in grill for you.

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