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Cosplay or “costume play” is a performance art practiced in many parts of the world.  Players choose an idea or character and dress up as them by putting on cosplay costumes.  Characters first came from Japanese anime and manga but now are from popular cartoons and science fiction from all over the world.


Although the most popular cosplay costumes typically come from these sources, you can choose your costume from just about any source whether it be books, movies, graphic novels, board games or video games.  Cosplay costumes can be as simple as buying a cosplay wig or as complex as outfitting yourself with the best cosplay costume available.  It’s up to you.


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Cosplay Costume Styles

Although Japanese cosplay costumes are the most popular, it doesn’t mean that your cosplay costume selection is limited in any way.  Just check out a few of our hundreds of cosplay costume styles below.

Cosplay Trivia

Cosplay is a huge subculture in our world today centered on role playing.  The word “cosplay” itself was first made up by Nobuyuki Takahashi from Japan’s Studio Hard in 1984.  He was inspired by the costumed fans at the Los Angeles Science Fiction Worldcon and coined the word in order to better describe the characters.  The Japanese word for cosplay is “kosupure”.


Cosplay has gone on to become widely popular among fans and sci-fi enthusiasts, and a world has emerged in which genders are often switched and inanimate objects are characterized in anthropomorphic forms.  The terms
“cross dressing” and “cross playing” sometimes confuse outsiders but are really simple.  Cross dressing refers to a person of one gender playing a character of the same gender who dresses as the opposite gender (i.e. a woman playing a female character who dresses as a man).  Cross playing refers to someone of one gender playing a character of the opposite gender (i.e. a woman playing a male character).


Even if you’ve never heard of cosplay there’s probably an active cosplay group somewhere near you. If you’re interested in joining one for an unforgettable adventure, then search the Internet for a group in your area.

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