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With all of the awesome ninja movies over the years almost every child has dreamed of being a ninja. So why not jump into your ninja Halloween costume and embrace this childhood dream (if only for a day). This All Hallows Eve wow your friends with your sleek body, smooth style, high kicks, and mysterious voice behind your ninja mask.


So grab your ninja stars and start practicing throwing them! You can show all your friends a new way of playing throwing darts! Ninja Halloween costumes can not only be fun, but also dangerous, mysterious, and sexy. As soon as you don this costume you will be sure to feel the energy surge as you suddenly want to swing from trees and land with a triple-back flip.


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Ninja folklore developed as an important part of Japanese culture and began spreading around the world in more recent times thanks to the help of movies, books, and other forms of entertainment. Ninja folklore is typically based on a true historical figure but teach a moral or educational lesson.

Chuck Norris has helped in many ways to continue the legacy of ninjas by making martial arts hugely popular in the United States. His plethora of movies and TV shows have ensured that even though we are all secretly (or not so secretly) marveling over the mighty power and awesomeness of his beard, we are also learning and enjoying our knowledge about ninjas.

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