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Arrr, matey! It's that wonderful Halloween time of year again! This time swashbuckle and swagger all of your friends silly by choosing a pirate Halloween costume. Pirate costumes are the perfect way to enjoy your Halloween festivities, everyone likes a pirate, especially a jolly one. It's almost guaranteed to ensure that you will collect a boatload more loot this year than any other before!


Pirate costumes don't have to be boring! You can spice things up with a bit (or a ton) of grease paint, a wooden leg, hook for a hand, eye patch, and even a parrot! The possibilities are endless!


So pick up your treasure chest and get ready to party in your pirate costume! Because it doesn't matter whether you need a pirate child costume, plus-sized adult, or petite, Bobby's Best is the place to find links to the most comprehensive and up-to-date coupon codes, discounts, and deals for a huge selection of pirate Halloween costumes.

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The earliest pirates can be traced back to 1300 BC in the Aegean and Mediterranean. These were brutal, desperate men, who pirated not so much for the glory and adventure, but out of necessity. Many pirates were escaped criminals, or owed large sums of money. Their only choice was to sign on as a pirate or they and their families would starve. Pirating was not an easy life, there were as many unsuccessful raids as successful. Often seasoned pirates would suffer the loss of a limb or one of their senses. If caught, pirates were tried and hanged.


Don't think that the only pirates were male! There have been several famous female pirates including Anne Bonny who pirated in the 1700s. She is perhaps the most famous female pirate today.


We update our affordable pirate Halloween costumes, deals, coupons, and discounts frequently from our great vendors like Costume Express, so check back often and save from 10%-30% - or more! We know that it's frustrating to find great deals and coupons only to discover that they are out of date, so at Bobby's Best, we do our best to keep our deals up-to-date.

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