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Fire Magic barbeque grills are known the world over for their special steak searing power.  With a Fire Magic barbeque grill you will quickly see the difference in your steaks as they are cooked magically with all of the natural juices sealed in and ready for you to bite into.  The highest temperature available is about 1000 degrees hotter than the lowest temperature.


Fire Magic currently features three series of barbeque grills; the Aurora Series, the Echelon Series and the Legacy Series.

Aurora Series

The Fire Magic Aurora grills are known for cast stainless steel burners that allow for an even distribution of heat with air shutters that are engineered to give precise gas control that also mean not only that any sudden flare ups due to excess liquids are impossible but also that your grill will light any and every time.  The Aurora barbeque grills feature a 12 inch deep firebox that helps ensure that your meat is cooked with an even temperature.  Plus you can fit larger pieces of meat into the firebox.  The last feature of Aurora grills is their burnished stainless steel cooking grids that allow for a surface that is non-stick and spaced closely enough that your food doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Echelon Series

The Fire Magic Echelon Series barbeque grills takes grilling to a whole new level with quality that won the best new gas grill Vesta award.  The Echelon Series builds on the Aurora series and features halogen lights that ensure that you can see what exactly is going on inside of your grill, an integrated smoker that allows you to smoke food while you are barbequing, a digital thermometer that shows you the exact temperature inside of the firebox, the Echelon seamless hood ensures that not even a tiny amount of heat will escape the firebox, while the cook zone dividers help you to keep foods separate if you are cooking several different types of food at once.

Legacy Series

The Fire Magic Legacy Series features a few different types of charcoal, gas, and countertop grills.  With the Legacy Series you can choose a charcoal grill with two different sizes either the 18x30 or the 18x24.  Both grills feature the air-flow charcoal pan that promises reliable heat because of hotter coals but also more control of the heat as you can take the temperature down to all-time lows but still slow-cook or smoke your meat with amazing results!  The Lift-a-Fire and FireMaster charcoal grills both take charcoal cooking to a whole new level with new technology that allows you to control your charcoal cooking even more.  Hoods are optional for both of these models.  The last grill in the Legacy Series is the Fire Magic Deluxe gas grill; with the gas grill you have two independent cooking zones with that boast 42,000 BTUs and independent electric ignitions.

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