Funny Halloween Costumes for 2012

Funny Chef Costume

Can’t find the perfect Halloween costume for this season?  Why not steer clear of the usual and jump into the unknown with a funny costume that will be the talk (and laughter) of all your Halloween fun.  Choosing Halloween costumes, funny or otherwise, is a breeze, just browse through some of our selected best funny costumes and make your choice.  It really is that easy.


A funny costume can be anything from Cat the in Hat to a headless zombie from Shaun of the Dead.  When you give yourself room to be creative and are prepared to choose funny costumes then you open up the door to all sorts of possibilities.  Austin Powers, Fred Flintstone--all of these are good clean fun.


If you’re looking for an adult funny costume then be sure that no kids are going to be around at your party.  If you are prepared to give a shock then search out a few funny costumes such as a Freshman 15 costume or a French Maid men’s costume.  Just be sure to carry a few Band-Aids with you as some of your friends might split their sides with laughter.


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Funny Costume Ideas

Are you going as one of the Flintstones, a banana, or a nun?  That’s not all you can choose--the possibilities are endless!  Funny costumes literally come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Funny Trivia

Here are a few fun facts about being funny.  Is laughter really the best medicine? Some scientists believe that laughter actually prolongs your life as it relieves stress and eases uncomfortable situations.  Pull that fact out during your Halloween party and then try collecting tips for elongating your friends’ lives. 


Did you know that laughter is believed by some scientists to be one of the earliest forms of communication?  Laughter is thought to have been one of the primary, if not the primary form of communication of joy, happiness, and mirth.  Human beings aren’t the only ones who enjoy laughing, primates such as chimpanzees and gorillas, as well as rats and dogs are all believed to use laughter.  Primates are even ticklish!  Just don’t try tickling a primate at home, that’s one thing that’s best left to professionals.


Bobby’s Best provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive funny Halloween costume links, promotional coupons from our great vendors like Costume Express, discounts, and deals. Funny costumes are available in all sizes including children, adult, and plus-size. We want you to find your cheap funny costume with as little stress and hassle as possible.  So check back often and save anywhere from 10%-30% - or even more!

Top Ten Funny Halloween Costumes
  1. Fred Flintstone costume
  2. Stud Finder costume
  3. French Maid men’s costume
  4. Austin Powers costume
  5. Freshman 15 costume
  6. Inflatable Sumo Wrestling costume
  7. Ghost Busters costume
  8. Man Eating Shark costume
  9. Forrest Gump costume
  10. Clown costume
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