Giro Ski Helmet & Snowboard Helmet Reviews 2012


A decade ago, you saw maybe a handful of helmets on the ski slopes, but these days, there really is not a good reason not to use one.  Unlike the early days of the heavy bowl shape, helmet technology has thankfully changed to lighter, more comfortable models with all kinds of fun add-ons.With a reputation for producing lightweight, comfortable bike helmets, Giro decided several years ago to tap into the ski and snowboard helmet market. They quickly became innovators in ski and snowboard helmet technology.  While I used to dread wearing a helmet, I am so used to my Giro that it feels strange not to wear it. Giro is clearly leading the innovation in the ski helmet industry, while everyone else races to catch-up. I'd rather reward the innovator with my business than the imitator.


One really cool thing about Giro Helmets is the TuneUps feature. Sold separately, TuneUps are removable ear pads with integrated speakers. Depending on the model you buy, TuneUps, TuneUps II, or TuneUps Two Way, can attach to your mp3 player, cell phone, or a two-way radio, respectively. New to the Tuneups line-up a few seasons back is an integrated Bluetooth version, so you can listen wirelessly. The wireless speakers can be popped directly into the helmet or with the included headphones, so you can listen on and off the slopes. Prices on the Bluetooth-enabled TuneUps are expected to come down a bit this season.

Unisex & Men's Helmets


If you are looking for a basic, reliable and comfortable helmet, look no further than the Giro G9.  At $100, this best selling helmet is well worth the price with its In Mold construction system and 15 vents with Weatherstrip vent plugs.  If you are looking for a lighter weight, lower profile shape, I recommend stepping up to either the G10 or G10 MX.  Both helmets are equipped with the In Mold construction, as well as 14 Super Cool vents with Thermostat control.  The G10 MX also has a removable visor, which is great if you ski in a variety of conditions and terrain.


If you tend to like the “best of the best” when it comes to ski gear, definitely check out the new Giro Chapter (see review).  This helmet is designed with very deep cuts, making it perfect for backcountry or all mountain skiing.  With its In Mold construction, interior subliner, 8 Super Cools vents with Thermostat control and an intake Port Vent and Stack Vent system; this helmet is one of the coolest new products on the market today.


If you are a freestyle, off-terrain skier or aerial skier, I would suggest checking out the Giro Remedy S CF or Remedy Comp.  Both have a full-face design made with a carbon/fiberglass construction and 9 Super Cool vents to ensure safety and comfort in even the harshest conditions and terrain.  If you are a boarder and prefer the utilitarian shape of a skate bucket and are looking for a helmet with an internal subliner and Super Cool vents, I would suggest purchasing the Revolver or higher tech Shiv.

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Women's Helmets


While many female skiers wear unisex helmets, Giro has dominated the marketplace with 4 helmets designed especially for women.  The Ember is the most basic women’s model with a form fit system, In Mold construction and 15 Super Cool vents with Weatherstrip vent plugs.  The Grove is based on the popular unisex G10 model, with special finishes designed specially for women.  It comes in a feminine color palette with plush ear pads, as well as an In Mold construction and Super Cool vents with Thermostat control.  The Prima delivers both comfort and style with its form fit system and three-stage ventilation system with 16 Super Cools vents with Thermostat control and Weatherstrip vent plugs.  The higher priced, Sheer, is definitely the most comfortable helmet for women.  With plush finishing, a perfect fit, In Mold construction, 12 Super Cool vents with Thermostat control and a Stack Vent to help helmet/google ventilation, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this helmet.

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Youth Helmets


With fun graphics and lightweight designs, every child on the mountain should be wearing a helmet that fits appropriately.  The Slingshot, available in XS and S, is lightweight and durable with an In Mold construction and 4 Super Cool vents.  With a soft interior, this helmet will definitely keep your little skier warm on even the coldest of days. The G9 Junior has the same construction as the adult version, with updated colors and graphics that appeal to children.  Similarly to the adult versions, the Junior G9 is made with an In Mold construction and 15 Super Cool vents with Weatherstrip vent plugs.  If you have a young snowboarder who wants to look cool on the mountain, but your priority is to keep them safe, the Tag helmet is the perfect solution.  The Tag has a hardshell construction and an Interior Goggle Channel, as well as Stack Vents and 6 Super Cool vents with mesh covers.

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