Graduation Gift Guide & Graduation Gift Ideas


Each spring, as high school and college graduates march across stages, their relatives march into stores in search of the perfect graduation gifts. Graduation is that pivotal moment when all the hard work has paid off and it is time to start the next chapter of life. It is wonderful to be able to share in the memorable experience of high school and college graduations with those you care about so give those deserving graduates something that will help them transition from either living at home to campus life or help them move on from the college dorm to a corporate office.  Graduates will appreciate any gift that they are presented with as a token of your love and admiration. Finding those unique, creative and inspirational graduation gifts to prepare your graduate for that next step can seem daunting, but here at Bobby’s Best we have a ton of gift ideas that are sure to make the grade!

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High School Graduation Gifts

High School graduates are ready to start venturing out into the world. Freedom, independence, adventure are all just around the corner! A High School graduation gift is a great way to celebrate a graduate's hard work and prepare them for the future! Keep the spirit alive with a gift that celebrates their alma mater or future school from game day accessories to apparel. Or for that university bound graduate inspire future college students to explore and embrace their style both inside and outside their dorm rooms with new bedding, accessories, school supplies, and organizers. Another great idea is to also celebrate this milestone with personalized graduation gifts like monogrammed towels and luggage for those leaving home and themed picture frames and books for your graduates to always remember this monumental year!

College Graduation Gifts

After the parties, the all-nighters, the big games and the pomp and circumstance, life comes knocking. Search for college graduate gifts that will prepare them for the real world! Clever, thoughtful, yet useful gifts will go along way with college graduates. A new alarm clock or watch is the perfect gift for graduates to get them up and on time for work. Personalized briefcases, cell phone covers, and cardcases are essential for new members of the workforce. Then there are desk accessories that radiate personal style such as paperweights, bookends, and frames that will make their cubical feel like home. But we all know the importance of life work balance, so give your graduate a gift they will enjoy during their down time like an e-reader, mp3 player,  camera, or even a new pair of sunglasses. Remember college graduates are used to living on take-out, so introduce them to the fun of cooking with new kitchenwear and cook books so they can live out their Top Chef fantasy! Your gifts will help graduates with the nuts and bolts of daily life as a grown-up.

Law School Graduation Gifts

For those who dedicate the time and effort to completing law school a special graduation gift is well deserved. Picking an appropriate gift for the law school graduate should be one that is useful and relates back to the field of law. A new lawyer will need to keep papers and memorandums organized so a new portfolio or briefcase is essential. Portfolios and briefcases range in price and style. Also customizing this gift with your graduates name and year makes a great extra personal touch. There are some meaningful inexpensive law school graduation gifts like bookends, business cards and paperweights that will look great in any young lawyers office. Again, going the extra mile by embossing the name of your graduate directly to the gift will really hit the spot. You can also find are a variety of sentimental gifts that are both useful and symbolize this new chapter in the graduates' lives. For men or women, an engraved watch is the perfect work accessory, but also something that serves as a personal memento. Other sentimental gifts include graduation rings and framed diplomas.

Med School Graduation Gifts

Put a smile on the face of a medical school graduates face with a heartfelt gift that recognizes their commitment and dedication in providing quality health care. Being a doctor is a very tough job, so when it comes to gift giving give your doctor something lightweight and funny that can help them get through those inevitable long days. Medical themed mugs for coffee they are sure to need during residency and funny t-shirts, bags, prints and books are great presents for new docs. Don't let stress get the best of your medical school graduate! A gift that promotes wellness and relaxation like an electronic massager, spa products, or books will help your medical school graduate overcome the stress of their daily grind. A great gift to recognize graduate's accomplishment is a framed diploma that they can hang at home or at the hospital. Additionally, presenting a new doctor with a high quality pen for his countless paperwork and charts is a gift that will be used and enjoyed for a long time!

MBA Graduation Gifts

MBA are on the CEO fast track. There are a bunch of gifts for MBA graduates that they may find useful for adventures inside and outside the boardroom. For a student just graduating, his professional wardrobe is often subpar and thus a tailored suit, leather dress shoes, or button-down shirts are great fool proof gifts. If you don’t feel comfortable picking out clothes a gift certificates for clothing stores that specialize in professional attire will help an MBA grad with her or his job search and future career. Once the graduate has landed a job, all of a sudden he or she will find that they need a new set of accessories to get them through the work day. Be on the lookout for quality leather briefcases or purses to hold important documents, as well as fine-quality pens or personalized business cards for business contact information. A PDA, tablet, or smart phone is ideal for someone who just graduated to keep track of appointments, in addition to storing vital numbers and emails. Additional accessories such as headphones, cufflinks, or belts are great options to keeping graduates looking professional all day.

More About Graduation Gifts & Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is a joyous occasion that brings together friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate great accomplishments. It is a day that will always be remembered and lessons learned will carry graduates successfully into the future. The perfect gift will sweeten the graduation and serve as a reminder for years to come.  Don't forget to add a special message of congratulations with your gift to tell them that you are proud of them for their achievement. Just putting your thinking cap on and your gift will sure make the grade!

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