Kalamazoo Hybrid Grills Review


There has long been a debate amongst grill enthusiasts of which is better, gas or charcoal? Now you don't need to make a decision of one over the other. For the true grill enthusiast who wants the best attributes of both a gas and charcoal grill, Kalamazoo has invented a new category of grills: Hybrid Grills. A hybrid grill will let you cook with gas, charcoal, wood, or any combination of the three.

You can have the speed of gas, with the flavor of wood and charcoal for a fast delicious lunch, or you can use the hybrid grill's full range of capabilities and make some traditional barbecue with smoke and indirect heat. Kalamazoo Outdoor Grills have a large cooking cavity and centrally placed burners to allow for convection cooking, giving plenty of room for heat and smoke to circulate and add flavor to your food.

Gas charcoal hybrid grills may be new, but they are quickly gaining in popularity. The versatility of hybrid grills allows you to cook with gas one day and charcoal the next, all on the same grill. Or, you can mix charcoal and gas for a grilling experience you can't get with anything else beside hybrid bbq grill. Kalamazoo is leading the category they invented with high-end luxury grills for real grill lovers.

Stay tuned for my in depth review of the Kalamazoo built-in grill. You can also see and purchase the full 2013 Kalamazoo Line-up.

Models & Variations

Available in two main models, Kalamazoo Hybrid Grills have a lot of variety. They come in free standing or built in variations, and have an optional wok-ready side burner. Kalamazoo uses patented, bowshaped burners below their hybrid grilling drawers for optimal cooking. The stainless steel cooking surfaces are fully customized, featuring your own personal configuration of grill surfaces optimized for meat, fish, or vegetables, even hibachi-style grill, your own artwork, or initials. Each cooking surface is laser-cut from a slab of stainless steel for your unique design.

The Kalamazoo hybrid grill comes in two sizes: 900 Series and 450 Series. Both of these models are powerful hybrid gas charcoal grills. Choosing which one is right for you will depend mostly on how much hyou want to grill. The grilling area of the 900 is double that of the 450, along with the BTUs. Each grill comes with one or two pairs of hybrid grilling drawers, which consist of a ceramic-lined drawer for supreme radiant heat while gas grilling, and a ventilated metal drawer for cooking with charcoal and wood. One advantage of the 900 Series is that you can use two different drawers at the same time, with one side hot running on gas, and the other side doing some nice charcoal grilling.

For more specs and information about Kalamazoo hybrid outdoor gourmet grills, see the full line-up and check back later in the summer for the full review of the Kalamazoo.

Hybrid Grills
Select Kalamazoo Features

Key features of Kalamazoo Hybrid Grills:

  • Over 115 BTUs per Square Inch
  • Cook with Any Combination of Charcoal, Wood, and Gas
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • The Original Hybrid Grill
  • Hybrid Grilling Drawers for Gas and Charcoal
  • Stainless Steel Customizable Grilling Surfaces
  • Hybrid Barbecue Airflow Control Hood
  • Convection Cooking
  • Deep drip tray and collection pan for no flareups and easy cleaning
Kalamazoo Model Descriptions

Built-In Hybrid Grills

K900HB The large hybrid built-in grill by Kalamazoo, with two hybrid grilling drawers.

K450HB Slightly smaller built-in grill with one hybrid grilling drawer.

Optional Built-In Cooktop A propane stove attachment for outdoor kitchen setups. It has 32,000 BTUs in four concentric burner rings and is shaped to be accommodating to both flat-bottom pans and woks.

Free-Standing Hybrid Grills

K900HT Free-standing large hybrid grill.

K900HS Free-standing large hybrid grill with a side-burner attached.

K450HT Free-standing smaller hybrid grill.

K450HS Free-standing smaller hybrid grill with a side-burner attached.