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“My! What big teeth you have!” can be your line this Halloween when you don your Little Red Riding Hood costume.  Choosing who you will dress up as for Halloween can be exciting and fun, but what happens after you’ve made your choice?  It’s now time to browse all of the Little Red Riding Hood costumes and find a Little Red Riding Hood costume coupon here at Bobby’s Best.


Little Red Riding Hood is a well-known fairytale character who is recognized not only for her blazing red riding hood cape but also for her caring nature towards her grandmother and naiveté in trusting the Big Bad Wolf and telling him about her whereabouts as well as about her sick grandmother.


Whether you are looking for a sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume, Little Red Riding Hood costumes for adults, or just Little Red Riding Hood costume ideas, you can find it all here at Bobby’s Best where we find you the best deals and discounts on all Red Riding Hood Costumes available the internet.

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Whether you are looking for a sweet children’s Little Red Riding Hood costume or a sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume, you will find those and everything in between at Bobby’s Best.

More About Little Red Riding Hood

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is often used to depict the fight of good versus evil, or to warn children of the evils of the unknown and to be careful around strangers.  This is believed to have been the purpose of the fairytale since its first telling, though no one quite knows when it was first written or told.


A little knowledge about Red Riding Hood going out on the town could help save you from falling into the Big Bad Wolf’s clutches this Halloween.  We all know the story, but what exactly do you know about the history behind the tale?  The Little Red Riding Hood fairytale was supposedly first told during the medieval times but it wasn’t actually written down until much later.  There are many versions of the story from different European countries and though each differs slightly all of the stories have the same main thread of a girl in a red riding cloak who while going to visit her sick grandmother is approached by a wolf.


The story endings up until a few decades ago all had just about the same grisly ending, the grandmother and sometimes even Red Riding Hood are eaten by the wolf.  Though most see this tale as a warning against strangers and the dangers of wandering in the woods away from the village, the story was also used to warn girls to guard themselves from sexual predators; an interesting moral for what is today considered a child’s bedtime story.


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