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There are bbq grills and then there’s Lynx. Lynx makes the best high-end grills on the market. You’ve probably seen them glittering in stainless steel from a poolside stone wall during some celebrity TV interview. They are absolute perfection: grilled veggies, porterhouse steak, seafood… anything comes out tasting like you graduated from culinary school. Lynx grills are built to last, and the company’s customer service is top notch. Each grill is 100% exterior stainless steel construction.

The Lynx difference lies in its commitment to using the best materials for quality grilling. Right out of the box, you will notice that Lynx’s features arc-welded one-piece construction. This helps reduce wobble because there are no joints to assemble onsite, it’s all once piece. This includes the hood which is counter balanced with two heavy duty springs on each end, to make it easy to open and close.  Exclusive Lynx features include the push and turn control knob for ignition, which makes Lynx the only grill you can light with one hand while holding plates in the other. Lynx grills also use heavy cast brass 25k BTU burners, which spread heat evenly and continue to radiate heat even after the burner has been shut off, a green feature that saves gas. They will also last a lifetime. Almost every other grill on the market uses hollow steel tube burners, which can cool quickly and spread heat unevenly. This commitment to the best materials also extends to the briquettes, which are ceramic rather than corrugated steel, and the grill grates, which are stainless steel. The result is consistent heat that can be precisely controlled, allowing you to cook anything exactly the way you want it. Finally, Lynx grills have a 4" deeper grilling surface than most brands so they have more cooking area than comparably sized models. 

There are also plenty of options for those who like add-ons—everything from warming drawers to the Cocktail Pro Center for serving drinks. The most popular is the Pro-Sear burner, which lets you cook like a steakhouse with ultra-high heat, up to 975 degrees, but also adjust to lower levels. Pro-Sear is a patented technology that uses ceramic infrared burners and special valves to provide very fine control over heat output. This exclusive feature allows the temperature to be set high for the intense heat needed for searing steaks, but also allows for the lower temperatures preferred for cooking chicken and fish. Other options include various side burners. All Lynx grills are available in either built-in or freestanding models, with a choice of natural gas or propane, and all come with an easy-lift hood, a wind-deflection baffle, and an extra-deep cooking surface. All Lynx grills are available in either built-in or free standing models, and all come with a choice of natural gas or propane.

Grill Features
  • An integrated ignition system with battery backup (sealed to be weather resistant)
  • LED illumination and dual halogen surface lights for night grilling
  • State-of-the art temperature gauge
  • Removable smoker box
  • A dual-position internal rotisserie with a three speed motor and two infrared burners
  • Ceramic briquettes that capture and radiate heat
  • Serious heavy-duty welded construction to eliminate gaps where grease and moisture can collect
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