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27-Inch Premium Gas Grill

A large portable grill is ideal for a second home, an apartment deck, or any place you need the flexibility of a grill that can be picked up and moved around by one person—without sacrificing power or cooking capacity.

Lynx L27 Series 27-Inch Gas Grill
Lynx L27 Series 27-Inch Gas Grill
  • Cast brass burners retain heat extremely well
  • Comes with choice of gas or propane and a smoker box
  • Accessories and side burners can be difficult to attach
  • Not practical for large group cooking

The Lynx 27-inch grill is an excellent choice for the casual outdoor cook who doesn’t grill for large groups or require lots of additional features but does want a well-made, reliable grill that consistently turns out good food. While Lynx grills are more expensive than grills from Weber, the cost is justified by the overall quality and the features included. The Lynx L27 series is available in both built in and free standing models.

A good place to begin with Lynx grills is their cast brass burners. Most grills use hollow steel burners, which do not retain heat well and can be cooled quickly on a windy day, resulting in uneven cooking. Lynx’s cast brass burners retain heat extremely well, especially at the very high heat necessary for good grilling, resulting in consistent heat levels. These burners are complemented by ceramic briquettes, an improvement over the corrugated steel briquettes found in grills of lesser quality, and a patented grill hood design, both of which help make the Lynx 27-inch grill spread its heat evenly and retain that heat even when there is a stiff wind. For good measure, they've also designed the hood to block wind so that it keeps an even cooking temperature inside. When these features are combined with the 50,000 BTUs put out by the 27-inch model, a choice of gas or propane, a smoker box and an optional multi-speed dual-position rotisserie burner for chicken or small roasts, the Lynx 27-inch grill’s 470 square inches of primary grill space make it one of the best small grills on the market. If you don’t grill in quantity but do want quality, this grill proves that bigger is not always better.

Hightlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hot coil ignition system with battery back-up
  • Halogen grill surface light
  • Temperature gauge
  • Control illumintion with blue LEDs
  • Heat stabilizing design


  • 24" Outdoor Refrigerator  
  • 27" Vinyl Cover (freestanding)
  • ProSear Infrared Side Burner for Cart Mounted application (includes cart mounting kit and bracket for 27" and 36" free standing grill models)
  • Double Side-Burners for cart mounted application (includes cart mounting kit and bracket for 27" and 36" free standing grill models)

Models and Variations:

The Lynx L27 Series 27-inch grill comes in six different variations; the 27" Built-In Grill (L27-2), the 27" Free Standing Grill (L27F-2), the 27" Free Standing Grill with Rotisserie Burner (L27FR-2), the 27" Free Standing with ProSear and Rotisserie (L27PSFR-2), the 27" Built-in Grill with Rotisserie (L27R-2) and the 27" Built-in Grill with ProSear and Rotisserie (L27PSR-2),

Larger Lynx Grills:

If you cook for groups or just want more grill space, check out the top-of-the-line Lynx 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch and 54-inch grills, all of which are available in both built-in and free standing models. If you would like on overview of Lynx grills, please visit the Bobby's Best Main Lynx Grill Page.

Devil's Advocate

While Lynx offers a full line of products to complement its grills, such as side burners, they can be difficult to attach and require some work.

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