The Product

Three Wheel Travel Stroller

Three wheeled strollers seem to be all the rage these days as they provide great maneuverability and a high seating position and they also look stylish. The majority of three wheel strollers are standard size, however there are a few models which are better suited for travel and going in and out of the car.

Mutsy Spider Stroller
Mutsy Spider Stroller
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Comfortable
  • Confusing Instructions
  • No Snack Tray

I was initially interested in this stroller after seeing a friend using it.  It is a great looking stroller and her daughter looked extremely comfortable riding around in it. Upon opening the box, the Mutsy was very easy to assemble, it just required attaching the wheels.  Once assembled, my children (ages 2 and 4) both tried it out and seemed comfortable in it. I was initially confused by the instructions on how to fold the stroller, but once I figure it out, I realized that it was pretty clever and folded very compact.   
The Mutsy has one handle bar rather than two handles, which makes it easier to push than a traditional umbrella stroller as you only need one hand.  The handle bar is also covered with foam and is extremely comfortable to hold.  The height of the handlebars is adjustable which is a great benefit for parents of different heights.  The Mutsy rolls pretty smoothly and is very stable compared to other three wheelers I have tried.  There is a brake behind each wheel and they are connected, so when you press one, it locks both wheels making breaking easy and helping to stabilize the stroller. 

The Mutsy has two different footrest options, a higher one that could be put out for a young child who is reclined and a lower permanent one.  In the recline position, my son was too tall for the higher footrest and two short for the lower one, therefore when he was napping his leg were dangling which obviously was not ideal.  The higher seat position is definitely my favorite feature of the stroller. Unlike other umbrella strollers, sitting in the Mutsy, the child is at eye level with the other children which looks much more natural and is more enjoyable for them.

Highlighted Features

  • Telescopic Adjustable Handlebar
  • Adjustable Five Point Harness
  • Linked Rear Brakes
  • Compact Fold

Devil's Advocate:
This Mutsy Spider is a great looking umbrella stroller and works as an in and out of the trunk stroller or for travel. Keep in mind through that it has a small storage basket and no snack tray, so it’s not ideal as a main stroller.  Also, as with many three wheelers, the rear wheels themselves are much wider than the frame. This takes some getting used to and you will find that you are often tripping people or catching the wheels in doors or on racks in stores. This problem is more noticeable on the Mutsy than with other models I have tried.

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