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Most famous Indian, hands down, is Pocahontas. The sweet, innocent, and clever girl who saved the life of John Smith and helped the starving citizens of Jamestown is the perfect Halloween costume for any Halloween celebration. So what are you waiting for? Find your Pocahontas Halloween costume today!


The best part about the Pocahontas costume is that you can take it direction you want, emphasizing the qualities of Pocahontas that you like the most. Whether strong and sexy, quiet and feminine, or smart and witty, it's up to you! So slap on that feathered headdress, don your buckskin fringed dress, sling your bow on your back, and pick up your basket of corn to head off and rescue your Halloween party from dull costumes.


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Pocahontas Costume Styles

Now that you've decided to go as Pocahontas, you've got another big decision ahead of you! What style of Pocahontas costume shall you choose? The possibilities are endless!

Pocahontas Trivia

Contrary to popular myth (thank you, Disney Pocahontas!) Pocahontas did not fall in love with and marry John Smith; instead she married a man named John Rolfe. What else do you not know about this mysterious Indian lady?

Pocahontas was the daughter of the powerful Chief Powhatan who not only headed his own tribe but also a slew of tributary tribal nations. After saving the famous John Smith around the age of 13 or 14, Pocahontas went on the meet John Rolfe. After her conversion to Christianity, she married Rolfe and he took her to London to visit the city and present her to court. Unfortunately, Pocahontas' immune system was not up the germy air of England, she contracted either smallpox or pneumonia and died shortly after.

Her legend lives on in books, movies, and even the Disney cartoon that features her and John Smith having a romantic relationship. And now her legend can live on in you as you don her dress and stalk around parties in her likeness.

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