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When most people are thinking about which grill to buy, they usually think about getting the biggest grill they can. Often overlooked are portable grills, which is understandable since until recently they have been overlooked by the grill companies themselves, who have generally made only bare-bones models. Today's portable bbq grills can be just as high-quality and feature-packed as their larger siblings, with theadded versatility that allows you to take the barbeque (and the party) anywhere you like.

You’ll first want to think about whether you would like charcoal, propane, gas, or even an electric grill. Then, you’ll want to think about what size you need. Do you want to be able to throw it in a backpack, or will you just be putting it in the trunk of your car? Other considerations include power, preheat time, exterior (do you want stainless steel or a color?) and accessories such as carts and electronic ignition. Want to see more grill reviews? Check out Bobby’s Best 2013 Grill Review Page.

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From portable electric grills to portable propane grills, the options for mobile grills keep expanding. See some of our favorite models below from Weber, Cobb, Coleman, Meco, Tec, Uniflame, Landmall and OCI just to name a few. Can't find what you are looking for? Our SuperSearch feature below will check 10+ top vendors to find you the best price in the model you are looking for.

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Bobby’s Best has designed this page to give users information on portable gas charcoal grills and electric. It is also designed to link readers to reviews of many different portable grills so that they can make an informed purchasing decision. Regardless of whether they want a Coleman portable grill, Weber portable grill, Cobb portable grill, or any other table top or travel bbq grill, Bobby’s Best can help. Portable gas grills are great for any occasion: the beach, tailgating, sporting events and more. Going the beach? Perfect, take a propane model and the party goes with you. Have a portable bbq grill that is not reviewed here, please contact us and we will do our best to get a review up on this page. Please remember, be safe when transporting grills, and always make sure canisters are closed tightly and secured. Enjoy!

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