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All Purpose Rack

No matter what you have to transport, Thule has a line of racks including ski and bike racks, cargo carriers and hitch solutions perfect for your vehicle.  Thule racks are a safe, easy and stylish way to transport your gear.

Thule Roof Rack System
Thule Roof Rack System
  • Thule racks hold up to 165 pounds
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty
  • Thule products not come with included locks or other desirable accessories

Thule is one of the world’s largest designers, builders and marketers of premium transport accessories such as bike racks, roof racks and luggage racks. Their rugged, durable base rack systems are the strongest and best fitting rack systems on the market with a classic square load bar and maximum load capacity of 165 lbs! As an added bonus, all Thule products come with a limited lifetime warranty and their customer service is very helpful and accessible online or by telephone at 1-800-238-2388.

 What You Need
To carry items on your roof, you first need to get the right base rack. To make things easy, Thule offers an “automated fit guide” that will help you find the correct rack for your specific vehicle, which is available from most resellers. Once you have the base rack, there is a wide variety of different Thule Accessories which you can add to your car. There are two base types of rack systems.  Ones that attach to a factory mounted rack on your car and others where you buy the custom “feet” for your car and then pick load bars for the width that you want for your car.

Roof Mounted Accessories

Some of the available roof mounted accessories offered by Thule include Bike racks, ski racks and Cargo boxes. I have heighted a few of each of the best choices below.

Bike Racks
You can maximize the space inside your car by putting your bikes up top. Thule offer several different types of racks including both fork mount and upright bike carriers with disc brake compatibility. Depending on the model, you can carry both road bikes and mountain bikes in the same racks. 

You can also secure your bikes in about 10 seconds with a Ratcheting Quick Load System that allows you to leave the bike wheel on for quicker loading. My favorite is the Thule 517 Peloton. At around $115 dollars, it’s the top selling fork mount and fits all disc/suspension combinations with standard 9mm axles. Other models include the Thule 598 Criterium and the Thule 594 Sidearm. See Bike All Racks.

Ski Racks
I took my wife and kids skiing in VT four weeks ago and was very impressed with the easy installation and security of our Thule Universal FlatTop 4 ski rack. This particular roof rack that sells for just over 100 bucks fits up to 4 pairs of skis and requires no tools for set up.

Cargo Boxes
Let’s face it, the car fills up fast when you have two kids or more or if you are going on extended trips.  There are many times when you can use the extra space of a cargo box. Thule Cargo Boxes are easy to use, come in both roof mount and hitch mount models and are equipped to carry up to 21 cubic feet of packing space, which can free up some valuable space in your car. The boxes are available in a wide range, from hard to soft, to sleek and aerodynamic (the latter of which is most expensive). A good pick is the Thule 682 Sidekick Car Roof luggage/cargo box. It’s extremely versatile, quick to assemble and installs and removes with ease. Plus it can fit 2 sets of golf clubs!

In addition, Thule also offers racks for kayaks, canoes, fishing poles, surfboards and snowboards that are all easy to use and have quick loading and unloading systems.  See All Racks.

Additional Accesoires

Thule Rack Locks
These are available for additional security. Most Thule Rack Locks utilize the Thule One Key System, meaning that only one key is needed for everything on your rack.

Thule Fairings
Thule Fairings will add a polished look to your Thule Base Rack System, protect your vehicles finish and reduce wind noise and drag. I have read that a fairing can save about 2-3 miles per gallon and when we first used ours, it cut the wind noise down dramatically.

Devil's Advocate:

A lot of the Thule products do not come with locks and other desirable accessories so you will need to spend some additional money on that stuff if it’s important to you.


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