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Small Portable Grill

Portable gas grills have traditionally been of low quality with limited cooking space. This is why so many people opt for portable charcoal grills, which cook faster and hotter. However, gas grills are much easier to use and clean, which is especially important when you are putting the grill in your car. The Weber Q grills are the best of both worlds.

Weber Baby Q 100/120 Portable Grill
Weber Baby Q 100/120 Portable Grill
  • Push-start ignition makes lighting the grill easy
  • Great for traveling, tailgating, apartments or small backyards
  • With the side tray design, the grill needs to be cool in order to fold trays away
  • Off switch is on opposite side of dial from what you would expect

The Weber Baby Q (Q100, Q120) was introduced a couple years back as the clean-burning propane grill by Weber. With 189 square inches of cooking area, the Baby Q Grill is big enough to cook about six burgers, but it takes up very little room. The Weber Q100 can cook anything a traditional grill can—after an 8-10 minute preheat, you can easily sear a steak or grill some sausage. Unlike cheap single-burner portable grills, the Q100's U-shaped burner and cast-iron cooking grates allows for even cooking and is extremely fuel efficient (5 lbs. of propane can last you all season). I’m also a fan of the push-start ignition, which makes lighting the grill easy.

Highlighted Features

  • 8,500 BTU/hour output
  • 189 square inches of total cooking space
  • Quick Start Button
  • Removable Catch Pan
  • Cast-Iron Cooking Crate

The Weber Baby Q doesn't have many drawbacks. The only problem with the side-tray design is that the grill needs to be cool in order to fold the trays away. Also, be careful with the off switch—it’s on the opposite side of the dial from what you would expect.  It only accepts 14.1 oz. or 16.4-ounce LP cylinders (not included), but they’re pretty easy to find and only cost a few bucks. Alternately, you can get the optional Weber 20 lb Adapter Attachment that allows the grill to work with a traditional 20 lb. propane tank. A variety of tools and accessories are available with the Q series including a Weber Stationary Cart/Portable Stand that is great for travel, a Rolling Duffle Bag and a Vinyl Grill Cover.

Weber Q Models & Variations
You can upgrade from the traditional Weber Q 100 Gas Grill (386002) to the Weber Q 120 Gas Grill (516501), which includes an electronic ignition, two folding worktables with tool hooks and a taller lid with a built-in thermometer.   Alternatively, if you are looking for a step up in size from the Baby Q, the Weber Q 200/220 offers additional cooking space, while the Weber Q 300/320 is the new, top-of-the-line model including two burners for direct and indirect cooking, a stationary cart, a thermometer, and more. The Weber Q 300/320 can grill a 12-pound turkey.

Devil’s Advocate
Overall, the Weber Q 100 is a great grill for traveling, tailgating, apartment decks or even your back yard. My friends are always impressed by how easy it is to set up, how well it cooks, and how simple it is to put away. (It fits in a duffle bag.) However, for less than $50 more, I recommend you upgrade to the Weber Q 120.  The extra features are well worth the price.

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