Bobby's Best Weber Grill Reviews

Welcome to the Bobby's Best Weber Grill Review and comparison section. Here you will find the latest reviews and ratings for the 2013 Weber Grills including Charcoal, Gas, Kettle and portable grills. We cover all of the most popular models including the entry level Spirit , mid size Genesis, and the high-end Summit Grill lines. Our Weber Grill reviews are easy to read, providing a balanced viewpoint and a high level overview of important and differentiating features so that you can compare and contrast between models. We also recommenced the best authorized online vendors for buying Webers because when you order online, you often get free shipping and may save on sales tax. Most gas grills can be assembled in about 30 min or less, which can be easier than trying to squeeze into your car. Free shipping and no sales tax will save you about 10% combined over your local hardware store.

Weber Charcoal Grills

There is now a Weber Charcoal Grill for almost any purpose or budget. From the original Weber Kettle models, to the updated smokers and hybrid performer grill, charcoal grill fans have more options than ever before. You can also see many of these models in action at a Weber Grill Restaurant.

Weber Portable Grills

The Weber Q portable grill family continues to expand with three different sized Q grills, each with two variations to choose from.

Weber Grill Accessories
Why I Like Weber Grills

If you are looking for info on the latest barbecue grills or if you want to compare Weber grill models you have come to the right place. I will be the first to tell you that a Weber grill is not the cheapest choice out there. However, neither is replacing your grill every two to three years, which is what most people do instead of making the up front investment. There are a few reasons I love and own four Weber grills: a Summit, a Performer, a Weber Q220 and a Smoker. The first is performance—these grills are built to last, offering a very consistent experience with little required maintenance. Those of you who own a Honda or a Toyota can understand this value proposition. Another major reason is that Weber Stephens is a quality-focused company that stands by its products. They have a 24/7 help line for any sort of grilling questions, and a great website ( with weber grill recipes, accessories, replacement grill parts and grilling tips.

Those who subject their grills to a heavy workload will particularly appreciate how easy it is to get replacement grill parts, so you can prolong the life of your purchase. In the rare case that you need a Weber grill part—even for the little Weber Q on your balcony in Chicago—they will usually send it out the next day without any hassle. In all likelihood the part will be covered by their industry-leading warranty, which covers all of the major components for 10-15+ years. I hear a lot of people who buy cheap and discount grills complaining about the cost of a Weber gas grill, but I never hear owners of Weber grills complaining about what they paid.

Weber Grill sales don't usually happen until off season and you won't have a lot of luck finding a cheap or discount Weber unless you Check eBay for a Used Model or Get a 10% Coupon on eBay to use at a local Home Depot or Lowes store.

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