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Basic Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grillling is one of the most ancient ways of cooking—and one of the easiest. Charcoal grills are inexpensive to maintain, cook great-tasting food, and are essential compliments to any house or apartment. The basic shape and design of the Weber Kettle Grill has remained the same for almost 50 years.

Weber One Touch Silver 18½ and Weber One Touch Silver 22½
Weber One Touch Silver 18½ and Weber One Touch Silver 22½
  • Great for small spaces and easy to transport
  • One touch sifter allows you to empty the ash out of the bottom
  • Only has two handles

The Weber One Touch Silver Charcoal Grill is the most basic outdoor cooking appliance—all you need are coals and lighter fluid to get going and its no-rust aluminum vent allows for the perfect grilling experience. The 18-inch diameter is great for an apartment or the beach with virtually indestructible all-weather wheels. The larger 22½-inch with 363 square inches of cooking space is even better when you’ve got a large group to feed. It is simple to maintain and makes grilling easy. The 2013 model has been upgraded with the aluminum steel One-TouchTM cleaning system making clean up completely hassle free.  This grill is as classic as it gets and will last you for years. If you would like a charcoal grill with a few more features, check out my review of the Weber One Touch Gold.


Highlighted Features

  • 18.5 inch cooking area = 240 square inches
  • 22.5 inch cooking area = 363 square inches
  • Plated steel, hinged cooking grate
  • One-Touch cleaning system 
  • No-rust aluminum vent and ash catcher

The one touch kettle grill has been around for about 50 years and will probably give you 25 more years of good cooking. I suggest buying a custom Weber Premium Cover and using it on regular basis (especially during the winter) to prolong the life of your grill.  Weber grills come with a 10-year limited warranty.


Weber Genesis Models and Variations
The standard 18½-inch One-Touch Silver charcoal grill is available in Black (441001), as well as the larger 22½-inch model (741001).


Devils Advocate
If you are looking for a basic kettle grill, but are willing to spend a little more to get a few extra bells and whistles, I would suggest purchasing a Weber One Touch Gold model.

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