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Portable Electric Grills

The Weber Q140 and Q240 are the first fully electric grills offered by Weber and are aptly named “the grill for the city” with a simple plug-in-and-grill premise behind the creation.  With this series of Weber grills you’ll get features like Infinite Heat control settings, removable catch pans, and a porcelain-enamel cast iron cooking grate that is easy to heat and clean, not to mention never having to keep a supply of charcoal or lighter fluid on hand.  The Weber electric grills come in two models: the Q140 and Q240.  Both models have a cast aluminum body and lid with aluminum heat retention liners, glass-reinforced nylon frame, pointed cast aluminum finish in a classy dark gray, and feature a 6 foot grounded cord.

Weber Q 140 and Q 240
Weber Q 140 and Q 240
  • Purely Electric Grills: no charcoal or lighter fluid required
  • Simple to cook on, simple to clean
  • Removable catch pans
  • None of that good charcoal flavor

With the Q140 you’ll find that you can sear your steaks to perfection on your balcony with no worries in an apartment that does not allow open flames.  Featuring 189 square inches of stainless steel grilling area that is heated by 1560 watts (120 volts) of power, your steaks will be finished evenly in no time.  Quality does not go down as the size goes up; the Q240 offers even more grilling space at 280 square inches and just as much grilling power as the Q140 practically guaranteeing that your steaks will be just as well-cooked (or as rare) as you like them.

Weber Q140 & Q240 Specifications & Dimensions

The Q240 features Infinite Heat Control Settings that allow for you to choose exactly the correct heat setting for whatever you are grilling.  With a total cooking area of 280 square inches on 2 porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates that can reach a heat of 1560 watts (120 volts) you’ll find this little grill has a lot of power.  This grill measures 26 inches high (with the lid open) with a width of 27 inches and a depth of 25.1 inches (with the lid open).  The lid and body are made from cast aluminum with aluminum heat retention liners and a glass-reinforced nylon frame.  Your grill will also feature a catch pan and 6 foot grounded cord and a finish of painted cast aluminum in dark gray.

The Q140 features a total cooking area of 189 square inches but retains the cooking power of 1560 watts (120 volts) on 1 porcelain-enamel, cast-iron cooking grate with Infinite Heat Control Settings and a removable catch pan.  The Q140 is a little smaller than the Q240 with a height of 23.5 inches (with the lid open), a width of 27 inches, and a depth of 20.5 inches (with the lid open).  The body and lid are made of cast aluminum with aluminum heat retention liners and a glass-reinforced nylon frame.  The 6 foot cord is grounded and the grill is finished with painted cast aluminum available only in dark gray.

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