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Built in Gas Grill

If you are looking to build an outdoor kitchen, then you are going to need to select a grill model that has been design for built in. Most major grill companies such as Weber, DCS, Links, Wolf, Viking, etc. offer built in models, but they aren’t cheap.

Weber Summit S-660 Built-In Gas Grill
Weber Summit S-660
  • Price Relative to other Brands
  • Comes with Cooktop & Cabinet as one piece
  • Slide-In Feature
  • Need a Flexible Gas Hose

Many people looking to do an outdoor grill typically look at higher end grill models from companies such as DCS, Links, Wolf, Viking, etc.  These grills come with all the bells and whistles, but also typically start at $5,000 and have very dubious repair rates. In particular, I hear a lot of complaints about Viking products. The trouble is that when you build one of these grills into an island, when you have a repair issue or if the grill has to be replaced, you have a problem. 

I made the choice to use the Weber S-660 for our grill island project as its combination of price, features and durability made it the best choice. Weber offers two built in grill models, the Weber S-660 (40”) and the Weber Summit S-460 (32”). Cooking area and featured wise, these two grills are identical to the Weber S-670 (See Review) and the Weber S-470 (See Review) so I won’t cover all the features here. 


  • 60,000 BTU/hour output
  • 769 square inches of total cooking area

Weber’s built in models have always come as one unit with the cooktop and cabinet as one piece. For many other models, you need to purchase these separately, making an already expensive grill even more expensive. However, for 2011 & 2012, Weber took this approach one step further making their built in grills “slide in”. The S-660 and S640 each come as a one piece unit with wheels (basically a full grill without side trays). To make up for an spacing issues, they include clever stainless steel trim kits which cover the front and back wheels once in place and also cover side gaps with the island. They also include stainless steel tension spacers to cover any gaps with the granite, giving them the illusion of being completely built in. However, as long as you use a flexible gas hose, it only takes a few minutes to slide the grill out of the island. This is a huge advantage for cleaning the grill, needing to make any repairs, storing it in the winter or replacing the grill entirely.

In terms of price, flexibility and reliability, I just don’t think the Summit S-660 can be beat. It also comes with a custom shallow cover that is designed for the depth of the island.  So far, I have been very happy with how it cooks  and looks in the island and have been leaning how to use sear burner, which is a new feature for me.

Thanks to Weber Stephens for providing this grill for us to review.

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