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Traditional Water BBQ Smoker

If you like to smoke meats, a wide range of smokers are available online that offer a quality smoking experience. Most models are powered by electricity and use flavored wood chips to smoke the meat to perfection. Serious chefs may use an offset smoker, which consist of a firebox, horizontal smoking chamber and chimney. But for most of us the best choice is a vertical water smoker, which features cooking racks, a fire pit and a water pan to regulate temperature and moisture.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker
Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker
  • Access door on side allows you to add water or smoking chips during the cooking process
  • Airtight design with four adjustable vents guarantees temperature control and maximum fuel combustion
  • Does not include a second thermometer that can be used to test the meat

Often referred to as the Weber Bullet Smoker, the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker is by far the most popular water smoker on the market, with hundreds of dedicated fan websites covering topics ranging from recipes to tricks and modifications. This Weber vertical water smoker is easy to set up, fun to use and will consistently deliver moist meats. I first gave it a try on Thanksgiving a few years back, and it became the talk of the evening as the smoked turkey easily beat out the regular one in a taste test. The best part is that the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker doesn't require a lot of work. I positioned an 18-pound brined turkey in the cooker with some room to spare, filled the water pan and just let the smoker do its work. I checked the meat from time to time and added extra charcoal once. That’s it! The access door on the side conveniently allows you to add water or smoking chips during the cooking process, and the airtight design, with four adjustable vents, guarantees incredible temperature control as well as maximum fuel combustion.

Throughout the past few years, the Smokey Cooker has undergone many upgrades. The old 2820 Smokey Mountain Cooker had been around for almost 20 years with few improvements. Weber finally listened to all the feedback and gave recent models total overhauls, as well as a new size option.

Highlighted Features

  • 18.5 inch cooking area = 481 square inches
  • 22.5 Inch cooking area = 726 square inches
  • Built-in commercial-grade thermometer
  • Improved access aluminum door with a handle that indicates the locking position, a new latching mechanism and a feature that allows the door to fold downward and stay attached to the cooker
  • A 2-gallon porcelain-enameled water pan with a much tighter fit
  • Sturdier legs and a heat shield mounted to the legs to protect decks and patios
  • Two 18.5 inch cooking grates that provide enough room to cook ribs and a roast at the same time

These upgrades have made the basic smoker better in every way and should please Weber Nation. The new 22.5-inch Smokey Mountain is the same size as the larger Weber Kettle grills, making it possible to smoke enough meat at once to feed your whole neighborhood. Some features exclusive to the 22.5-inch model include:

  • Two 22” cooking grates
  • Second handle on the side of the lid to make it easier to maneuver
  • Larger 4 ¼ inch dampers, access door and charcoal chamber
  • Three gallon water pan
  • More vertical room between cooking grates

If you have been waiting for a good reason to buy a Weber smoker, now is the time. Both Weber Mountain Cooker Smokers come with a premium grade cover, a Weber cookbook with some great recipes, and Weber's limited warranty—which includes amazing customer service phone support. For recipes and all sort of ideas on how to use the Weber Smoker read The Virtual Weber Bullet. Also, read more about Why I Love Weber Grills.


Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Models & Variations
In addition to the 18.5-inch Smokey Mountain (721001), Weber offers the 22.5-inch Smokey Mountain (73001) with additional cooking space and two glass-reinforced nylon handles.

Devils Advocate
While the Weber Smoker does include a built in thermometer, it would have been great if they added a second thermometer that you could use for the meat itself.


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