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High-End Four-Burner Gas Grill

If you are looking for the quality and functionality of a high-end gas grill but don't have the space or budget or the biggest six-burner models, then a four-burner grill may be right for you. Advanced features can include more burners (which run vertically), natural gas hookup, rotisserie burner(s), sear burners, infrared burners, a commercial grade thermometer, side burners, stainless steel construction and electronic ignition. Also, read more about Why I Like Weber Grills.

Weber Summit S-420 & S-470 Gas Grill
Weber Summit S-420 & S-470 Gas Grill
  • Ability to cook multiple items at different temperatures
  • 12,000 BTU flush-mounted side burners are designed to be used as a workspace when the burner is not needed
  • The non stainless steel accessories are prone to rusting

Weber has redesigned and upgraded its Summit Grills over the past few years in response to competitive pressure, putting features into the four burner models that were previously unavailable in this size. In 2010, Weber pared back its number of models, phasing out the mid-line Summit S 450 in favor of the S-420 and S-470 models. The Summit S-class series has a great clean and modern look courtesy of its all stainless steel construction. It is powered by four stainless steel burners that put out nearly 49,000 BTU, and the burner tubes run up and down rather than left to right, which makes it easier to control heat zones from left to right and cook multiple items at different temperatures. The cooking area is large enough for most families to grill everything they need at once. There is also a 12,000 BTU flush-mounted side burner, which is designed to let you use that side as a workspace when you don’t need the burner. In 2012, this model was redesigned to include an enclosed LED tank scale showing the fuel level at the push of a button (LP only), as well as cast-aluminum end caps on the side tables.

Highlighted Features:

  • 66 Inch cooking area = 650 square inches
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
  • Snap-Jet Individual Burner Ignition System & Temperature Control
  • 12,000 BTU-Per-Hour Flush Mounted Side Burner
  • Enclosed Tank Storage Area & LED Tank Scale

The Summit S-470 includes all of the features in the S-420, plus many great high-end add-ons and gadgets typically available on larger grills. One of the most useful is the 6,800 BTU smoker burner, which makes smoking with gas even easier than with charcoal and comes with a smoker box that can hold wood chips or mesquite and give your BBQ that great smokey flavor. Another is the rotisserie burner with a spit accessory, which is mounted higher in the new version so that you don’t need to remove the grates and it allows you to make restaurant-quality roast fowl and meat with ease. Another recent addition is the 10,600 BTU infrared sear burner which can be a lot of fun with steak. It’s located between the main burners so that you can use it intermittently while cooking. The 470 also features Weber’s lighted control knobs, which make cooking at night a lot easier.  Although Weber does offer a 10 year limited warranty, I suggest purchasing a Premium Gas Grill Cover to help protect your grill in bad weather.  If you are looking for a lot of grill under the $1,800 price point, you should be very happy with what the Weber S-470 can provide and how long it will last.

Weber Summit Models and Variations
The Weber Summit S-420 Gas Grill is available in Propane (7120001) and Natural Gas (7220001).  Similarly, the higher end Weber Summit S-470 is also available in Propane (7170001) and Natural Gas (7270001).  If you are looking for a similar grill, but are looking to cut your costs, check out the porcelain-enameled Summit E series.  E series grills include the Summit E-420 Propane (7121001) and Natural Gas (7221001), as well as the Summit E-470 Propane (7171001) and Natural Gas (7271001).

Devil's Advocate
While the Weber Summit S-Series is made mostly of stainless steel, other materials are used around the base of the grill. It is a good idea to wash and clean these areas every so often to prevent any rusting. Also, since the S-class grills are mostly stainless steel, there is no choice of colors. If you regularly grill for large groups or have a big family, then you may need the size of a six-burner grill and you should check out the Summit S-620 and S-670 Review.