Wolf Outdoor Grill Reviews 2013


There’s never a wrong time of year for a BBQ!  Whether you plan on having your fun inside or outside, Wolf grills are always a right choice.  With high-performance and top quality ovens, ranges, and outdoor grills, Wolf has a lot to offer.  The line-up of Wolf outdoor grill models is quite stunning. They come in many sizes and can be chosen in propane or natural gas.


Wolf outdoor grills currently can be found in four models, all are equally amazing pieces of craftsmanship and power formed from double-wall stainless steel.  All Wolf outdoor grills feature an easy-open heavy-gauge lid designed to keep the heat in. Wolf understands that real grills use two types of heat: radiant and direct, they have designed their grills to use both to perfection.  All Wolf grills are available as built-in grills, and all but the 54” are also sold as free-standing grills.

Wolf 30" Outdoor Grill

The first of the Wolf models is the Wolf 30” Outdoor Grill.  At 30 inches, this can fit on the smallest patio or balcony and still give you the option of outdoor grilling with some of the best equipment on the market.  Its smaller size means that storage and clean-up is a breeze plus it’s just easier to pull around if you choose the free-standing cart option.

Wolf 36" Outdoor Grill

The next size up is the Wolf 36” Outdoor Grill.  With an extra 6 inches of cooking space, this is the perfect BBQ grill for you if you are planning on barbequing for small dinner parties or for the family on a Sunday afternoon.

Wolf 42" Outdoor Grill

The Wolf 42” Outdoor Grill puts you at the helm of the Wolf grilling ship.  With this much space you could easily cook up enough hotdogs in a single batch for your son’s entire baseball team.  This is the largest Wolf outdoor grill that is offered as a free-standing cart.

Wolf 54" Built-In Outdoor Grill

As the Wolf outdoor grills get larger, their quality stays the same.  No matter the size of the lid, it is still easy to lift and the heating of the grill stays consistent throughout the grill surface, this is true of the Wolf 54” Outdoor Grill.  A monster of a grill, this is the perfect size for all of your cooking needs and more!  Because of the size, this grill is only available as a built-in component and is the perfect addition to every outdoor kitchen.

Wolf Grill Standard Features
  • Stainless steel grates
  • A hood assist system
  • LED lit control knobs
  • External thermometer
  • Halogen interior lighting
  • Smoker box
  • Hot surface ignition
  • 2 position rotisserie
  • 3  position warming racks.

The Wolf 36”, 42”, and 54” Outdoor Grills all feature a 25,000-BTU sear zone which ensures that your food is seared just right.


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Wolf Accessories

When searching for the perfect Wolf accessories, look no further for the best addition of them all: the ever handy and most convenient Wolf 13” Burner Module.  With this add-on you can keep your already cooked food warm as you finish up those last few burgers before starting your feast.  Fashioned out of heavy-duty stainless steel and built to last, you can choose from the BM13 which is designed for built-in grills or the SB13 which is designed for free-standing carts.

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