About Bobby

What Is Bobby’s Best?

Bobby's Best is an unbiased source for everyday product research and buying tips, filling a niche for those who don’t have time to comparison shop through endless websites and  dozens of competing products and features. When I first started using the Internet to buy products, I thought it was amazing. Now, buying even the most standard household and lifestyle products can be overwhelming. While there are a lot of review sites out there, their authenticity is questionable. The reality is that “Laura from Boston” can turn out to be a guy from India who was paid by the manufacturer to post a positive review.

Don’t you wish you had someone reliable to turn to when you need a product or service recommendation? We make it easy for you to determine the best quality and price because our reviews are based on real-life experiences with such products as electronics, baby gear, grills, and home goods. We get to the heart of what's good and bad and won't bore you with every minor detail of various products and services. We also identify deals and coupons to save you money on the products we recommend.

If you are going to buy a product reviewed on Bobby’s Best, please return to the site to make your purchase through one of our links. Many stores will reward us with a small commission, and this revenue supports the continued development of the website. If you are a manufacturer with a product you would like reviewed, please contact us for shipping details.

How We Got Started

For as long as I can remember, my friends and family have called me for advice on consumer products and services because they know that I do a lot of careful research. Eventually, the occasional phone call or e-mail became a regular stream of questions and requests for advice, often from friends of friends. Since I was providing some of the same information over and over, I decided to start a website where I could publish all of my favorite products, service providers, tips, tricks and deals. In November of 2005, Bobby’s Best was born.

Four years later, the site has grown tremendously thanks to word-of-mouth, the monthly newsletter and a lot of help from people who send us recommendations and suggestions. With three kids now in the fold, I have also recruited my wife as a co-conspirator to help with reviews and product testing.

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Feedback / Testimonials

"Love the website! I've already referred my sister-in-law, who is having a baby in April. Great kids section!"

"Thanks for the info! It was a big help! your site is quite useful - I've shared it with some of my co-workers- many like the baby gear suggestions and local boston tips!"

"Bobby's Best is FANTASTIC! What a great idea, and the website is so informative! Good luck with it...I'm sure it will do wonderfully! I passed along the info to just about everyone I know!"