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Chimney Starter

The chimney starter is a great little invention that allows you to heat up your coals for your charcoal grill in about half the time without using any lighter fluid.

Weber Chimney Starter
Weber Chimney Starter
  • Has space for enough briquettes for indirect or direct cooking on a 22.5 inch kettle grill
  • Has a unique cone bottom that allows for a fast start
  • A chimney starter is more of a luxury accessory than a necessity for your grill

The Weber chimney starter is extra large and has space for enough briquettes for indirect or direct cooking on a 22-1/2-inch kettle grill. Simply put a little newspaper in the bottom, fill it with charcoal, light, and in about 10 minutes the coals will be red hot and ready to pour onto the grill. The handle is made out of stay-cool plastic. This is a great no-brainer accessory for your charcoal grill. The Weber model is better than many of the cheap generic brands on the market. It is made of Aluminized Steel and has a unique cone bottom, which allows for a fast start and a double thermoplastic handle that stays cool.

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Devil's Advocate:

If using a chimney starter seems like a hassle, you may prefer the Weber Performer Grill.

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