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High-End Six-Burner Gas Grill

For the serious outdoor chef who wants to cook it all on one grill, a high-end or premium grill is the tool of choice. Advanced features can include more burners (which run vertically), a natural gas hookup, rotisserie burner(s), sear burners, infrared burners, a commercial grade thermometer, side burners, stainless steel construction and electronic ignition. Also, read more about Why I Like Weber Grills.

Weber Summit S-620 & S-670 Gas Grill
Weber Summit S-620 & S-670 Gas Grill
  • Powered by six stainless steel burners and an output of 60,000 BTUs
  • 10,600 BTU infrared seat burner system sits in the middle of the grill between the traditional burners
  • Since this grill burns through propane very quickly, it is best to hook up to a natural gas line

Weber has significantly improved its Summit Grills over the past few years in response to competitive pressure from Lynx, DCS and other grill manufacturers. In 2010, Weber simplified its bloated Summit line-up, moving to just two models for each of the 4 and 6 burner models in stainless steel and the one option in color. Gone is the Weber Summit S-650, which was the most popular and mid line model, making it an easier choice between the lower and higher end models (S-620/S-670).  In 2012, Weber added some nice new features and technology enhancing both the 620 and 670 series.

The Weber Summit “6 Series” is powered by six stainless steel burners that put out a total of 60,000 BTU. The burner tubes run up and town rather than left to right, which makes it easier to control heat zones from left to right and cook multiple items at different temperatures. They are controlled by front-mounted Snap-Jet burner knobs, which are electronically controlled and light individually when turned, without the need for a separate starter button. Front-mounted knobs also stay cleaner because they don’t collect as much dirt and grime.  The primary cooking area is a very generous size, however it does fill up faster than you’d think. There is also a 12,000 BTU flush-mounted side burner, which you can make use out of as a tray when you don’t need the burner.  The 2011 model has been upgraded with a very cool LED tank scale, as well as cast-aluminum side caps on the end table, and these popular features have carried over to 2013. 

Highlighted Features

  • 74.1 inch cooking area = 838 square inches
  • Stylish Stainless Steel Shroud with Polished Handle and Trim.
  • 9mm diameter Rod Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
  • Snap-Jet Individual Burner Ignition System
  • Enclosed Tank Storage Area
  • Commercial-Grade Thermometer and Six Sturdy Tool Holders

The Summit S-670 has all of the features of the S-620, plus many of the best attributes of both a charcoal and a gas grill. My two favorite features are the dedicated smoker box/burner, which makes smoking with gas even easier than with charcoal, and the infrared rotisserie burner and spit, which is mounted higher in the new version so that you don’t need to remove the grates. The motorized rotisserie burner is so fun that you’ll be making your own rotisserie chickens and meats in no time.  The other major exclusive feature to the S-670 is a 10,600 BTU infrared sear burner system, which sits in the middle of the grill between the traditional burners. This allows you to step up the heat when you need to sear your meat, an increasingly popular feature on high-end grills for finishing meat. Also, the stainless steel lighted control knobs are very helpful for grilling in the dark.

If you like having the best, the Weber Summit S-670 has enough bells and whistles to make anyone a backyard hero. I don’t know anyone who is unhappy with this grill and you can expect it to perform day in and day out for 10-15 years.  Don’t forget to purchase the Weber Premium Grill Cover to help protect your grill in bad weather.

Weber Summit Models and Variations
The Weber Summit S-620 Gas Grill is available in Propane (7320001) and Natural Gas (7420001).  Similarly, the higher end Weber Summit S-670 is also available in Propane (7370001) and Natural Gas (7470001) as well.  If you are looking for a similar grill, but are looking to cut your costs, check out the porcelain-enameled Summit E series.  E series grills include the Summit E-620 Propane (732001) and Natural Gas (7421001), as well as the Summit E-470 in Propane (7371001) and Natural Gas  (7471001).

Devil's Advocate
The S model is all-stainless, while the E model is porcelain-enameled available in black, offering additional cost savings. If you have a smaller family or limited space, you may prefer the smaller four-burner Summit and should check out the Bobby's Best Summit S-420 & S-470 Review. If you are going to make the investment in the Weber Summit S-670, it’s really nice to hook it up to a natural gas line. Otherwise this beast will burn through a 20 lb. propane tank pretty quickly.

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