2009 Gas & Charcoal Grill Reviews

With spring on the way, I thought it was the perfect time to launch the 2009 Bobby’s Best Grill Review Page. The new look page covers gas, charcoal and portable models from popular vendors such as Weber, Lynx, Wolf, Viking.   Reviews include pictures and videos (new for 2009) as well as deals and offers from some of the top grill retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Barbecue Grills & More.

With families eating at home more this year, now is the perfect time to invest in a grill that you can enjoy for years to come. 2009 prices are very competitive and most online vendors also offer free shipping and no sales tax.  If you are looking for some ideas on new things to grill, you should also check out our new grill recipe page.

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One Response to 2009 Gas & Charcoal Grill Reviews

  1. GetReal says:

    Don’t buy the WEBER COVER for ES or S models, it is junk. They put vents on each side over the side shelves so when it rains the water goes right on to the shelves and then into the grill. When I contacted Weber about this here is the reply – which tells me they have no clue about weather in the Northeast. Also, my last grill had a cover with no vents and I did not suffer any built up moisture as air could go in from the bottom and never had any mildew on it either.

    Thank you for your email regarding your Weber Grill cover. We do not make or recommend a water proof/air tight cover for the grills. We have found that moisture will collect under a grills cover even if it’s completely sealed- thus leading to early rusting of grill parts and mildew of the covers. We now make the covers with the mesh strips in order to allow air to pass through. Although not water proof- your cover will keep a great deal of debris off of the grill and help eliminate sun fading.

    If you need any further assistance please let me know.


    Weber-Stephen Products Co.
    1890 North Roselle Road Ste. 308
    Schaumburg, IL 60195
    Phone 800-446-1071
    Fax 847-407-8900
    Website: http://www.weber.com

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