2011 Giro Chapter Ski Snowboard Helmet Review

Giro Chapter Helmet ReviewTen years ago, you saw maybe a handful of helmets on ski slopes, but these days, they’re definitely on the growing list of must-have skiing and riding accessories. Thankfully, the technology has changed a lot from the early days of ski and snowboard helmets, and today’s helmets are lighter, more comfortable, and come with all kinds of fun add-ons.

With a reputation for producing lightweight, comfortable bike helmets, Giro decided several years ago to try their hands at ski and snowboard helmets. They quickly became innovators in ski and snowboard helmet technology, and the new 2011 Giro Chapter is an excellent example of their skill. As part of the Giro line of ski and snowboard helmets, the Chapter is, of course, ASTN F2040 (US) and CE EN1077 (European) compliant in terms of safety. Great for the backcountry or all-mountain skiing or riding, the new 2011 Giro Chapter is replacing some of Giro’s older retired models, including the popular Giro Fuse.  The lightweight, low profile helmet, was designed with a Port Vent system and the deepest channels that Giro has ever cut into a snow helmet to ensure that your head stays cool and comfortable in every weather condition and any type of terrain.

One really handy feature of the 2011 Giro Chapter versus the lower priced and more popular Giro G9 (See Giro G9 Review), is that the 8 Super Cool vents on the Chapter can be opened automatically using a sliding switch (called the Thermostat), whereas on many other helmets, you have to remove plugs manually. This is also a step-up from other Giro snowboard and ski helmet models. It’s really nice to be able to open up all the vents automatically and let your head breathe at the end of a run. It helps to regulate your body temperature so you don’t get too hot or cold.

If you’re one of those people who likes to listen to music while you’re skiing or riding (or, preferably, on the chair lift where it’s a little less dangerous), the Chapter takes advantage of Giro’s TuneUps accessories. TuneUps are separate speakers that clip into your earflaps and connect to an mp3 player, cell phone, or two-way radio (depending on whether you buy TuneUps, TuneUps II, or TuneUps Two-Way, respectively). There’s even a new Bluetooth version that lets you listen wirelessly. Integrated speakers are becoming a really popular accessory for skiers and snowboarders, and Giro is definitely on the cutting edge with TuneUps.
Highlighted Features

  • In-mold construction
  • Interior subliner
  • 8 Super Cool vents with Thermostat control
  • Intake Port vent system
  • Stack Vent
  • Compatible with all after market TuneUps systems

If you’re not already skiing or snowboarding with a helmet on, you should definitely start. They may feel weird at first, but they’re worth getting used to. Giro Helmets are some of the best helmets out there: lightweight and sturdy with some really cool technology. The new Chapter is one of their best, and definitely worth a try.

Models & Variations

The Giro Chapter is available in sizes small through large and in a variety of fun unisex colors including; Matte White, Matte Pewter, Matte Brown Low, Matte Black Static, Matte Black and Matte Soda. If you like the features of the Giro Chapter, but are looking for a step up in comfort and air ventilation, check out the Giro Seam.  The Giro Seam has all the technology of the Chapter, plus X-Static anti bacterial padding and 4 additional vents with Thermostat control.

Devil’s Advocate:

The array of TuneUps add ons is getting confusing, just make sure the ones you buy are for the specific model of helmet

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