End of Season Ski & Snowboard Gear

While spring skiing happens to be my favorite time of year to hit the slopes, many retailers use the warmer weather as a milestone to begin discounting their products and start advertising their end-of-season sales. This is the best time of year to really look through your ski gear and take note of anything that is worn out or outdated. This is also the perfect time to reassess your skis, snowboard or boots and decide if your skills have developed to the level that you have outgrown your current gear and require something more advanced.

Over the next couple of months, ski and snowboard retailers will do everything that they can to unload products at ridiculously good prices to help make room for the new 2012 models. Just because many of the products are advertised at very deep discounts does not mean that they are not high quality or top notch. It is actually quite the contrary, as this is the perfect time to buy great products that you would otherwise not spend the money on.

The only real disadvantage that I see to buying things at this time of year is that you will not have as good a selection of styles and sizes and you will not be able to test the products out for another 6 months or so. We have tried to make the selection a little easier for you by reviewing our top ski and snowboard brands from 2011 including North Face, Cloudveil and Giro as well as our favorite all-mountain skis, helmets, goggles, ski boots and more. Happy spring shopping ☺.

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