2011 Weber Grill Models & Redesigned Weber Genesis Gas Grill

Genesis E-330

Spring is less than a month away, which means grilling season is just around the corner.  Weber recently unveiled the upgrades and improvements to their 2011 line (read all 2011 Weber grill reviews) and while Weber often makes incremental changes, this year’s revamped Genesis (read review) has proven to be an exception.

In the past, the knobs on the Weber Genesis gas grill were to the right of the burners causing the control valves to run across the grill from left to right. However, because of customer feedback and the popularity of the higher-end Summit Grill, the team at Weber undertook the task of rebuilding the construction that they stood behind for the past 30 years, changing the direction of the burners from left-to-right to front-to-back. The benefit here is that you can now control your heat zones from left to right, which is much easier than trying to organize your food from front to back.  Another major change includes a newly constructed easy-to-clean front knob control panel.  By moving the control panel to the front, the grill now has two large stainless steel worktables that can be used for food preparation and other cooking needs. Overall, I am a huge fan of Weber grills and am impressed by their 2011 upgrades and the technology that is coming down from the higher end Summit models into the Spirit & Genesis lines.

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