9 Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers Recipes That Beat Sandwiches

Every year, you cook a huge turkey to satisfy your hungry family at Thanksgiving. And every year, you end up with pounds and pounds of light and dark meat in your fridge, subjecting everyone in your house to turkey sandwiches for days. Lunch, dinner…even breakfast sometimes…you push the turkey on spouses, children, friends of children, and anyone else who enters your abode. This year, break free from the grips of the leftover turkey sandwich with our selection of the best turkey leftover recipes. After reading this post, you’ll know exactly what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers, and you’ll be done with all of your turkey before you know it.

Turkey Pot PieLeftover Turkey Pot Pie
The pot pie is a classic meal that’s simple and delicious. Give yours a post-Thanksgiving kick by incorporating your leftover turkey into this old standby. Best of all, your kids will devour it before realizing they just ate peas, carrots, beans and celery!

Turkey Omelet
Need a recipe for Black Friday morning? Wake your taste buds up with this amazing turkey leftovers recipe. The turkey omelet will taste great any time of day, and you can get creative with the ingredients, depending on your tastes.

Turkey Soup
Turkey soup is a brilliant recipe for leftover turkey that doesn’t take a lot of time and effort. You can easily whip up a huge batch and save some for later, or serve it to all your kid’s friends when they’re over.

Leftover Turkey CasseroleTurkey Casserole
This easy meal is delicious any time of year, but it’s especially convenient right after Thanksgiving. With the turkey pre-made, it won’t take long to prepare this turkey leftover recipe and pop it in the oven, leading to a filling meal for your family.

Turkey Enchiladas
Give your turkey leftovers a Latin kick with these enchiladas! We love this after Thanksgiving turkey recipe because it turns your turkey into a completely different-tasting food that is extremely enjoyable.

Turkey Tetrazzini
The turkey tetrazzini takes a little longer than other recipes, but it’s super simple and delicious. This recipe for leftover turkey will undoubtedly be a hit with the entire family.

Turkey SaladLeftover Turkey Salad
One of the easiest uses for leftovers is turning them into a salad, and this recipe takes advantage of all that leftover turkey to create a mouthwatering mixture you’ll love. You can serve this turkey leftovers recipe with pretty much anything.

Turkey Nachos
If it’s Sunday and you still haven’t worked through all of your turkey, don’t fret! This Thanksgiving turkey leftover recipe is easy to make and perfect for munching on while watching a full day of football.

Turkey Tacos
This recipe for turkey leftovers can be whipped up in minutes, giving your turkey a Mexican twist. You can also customize these tacos with any extra ingredients you desire, ensuring that your taste buds never get sick of turkey.

With all these recipes for leftover turkey, you should be able to get through all your turkey before the end of the weekend! Enjoy our favorite turkey leftover recipes, and don’t forget to get great deals online with Cyber Monday coupons. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from Bobby’s Best!

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