Britax Advocate & New Britax Frontier 85 Reviews

Britax has been busy rolling out new models over the past year. We tested two new models recently, the Britax Advocate CS and Britax Frontier 85 both of which are improvements to existing models aimed at keeping ahead of the market.

Advocate CS
With the Advocate CS, Britax is once again pushing the goal line forward in safety as it has done in the past with Versa-Tether and Side Impact Protection. The Advocate is basically a Boulevard CS (Click & Safe), with the addition of “Side Impact Cushion Technology” (SICT) or external side impact cushions filled with air. Britax claims a 50% reduction in side impact crash energy for both the child and passengers sitting next to the child restraint with SICT. However, with this increased safety comes additional weight and width, making it a better fit for those who have large vehicles or one seat in a row. You will want to test this seat in your car before you buy it to make sure it fits, as I recommend with many of these larger seats. If you want the latest in safety for your child in a convertible car seat, Britax has one again set the standard and raised the bar for its competition.

Frontier 85
Two years ago, I tested out the original Britax Frontier and was pretty disappointed. Britax had highly touted the seat as a breakthrough crossover. Although it covered a wide range of sizes, it was very difficult to install and many parents who purchased were frustrated with the installation process and ended up returning the seat. It was one of the few Britax seats I told people to avoid. However, the market for crossover car seats has really heated up and Britax took their lumps, listened to customers and came back with a much improved product offering. Read the Full Review

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