Britax Launches Car Seat Travel Cart, Legitimate GoGoKidz Competitor

There is an old saying, better late than never. For years, we have loved our GoGoKidz travel mate. We were always stopped in the airport by folks who want to know what it is and they are confused by seeing what looks like a Britax car seat/stroller combo. It’s a great accessory that allows parents to check a stroller at the gate and have mobility around the terminal with the cart seat.

I never understood why Britax would let another company have so much success with a product that was originally designed for and mostly used by parents with their car seats.  It appears that the higher ups at Britax had this same thought, as they recently launched a GoGoKidz competitor very literally named the Britax Car Seat Travel Cart.  Although the travel seat is late to the party, the engineers have clearly gone after some of the major drawbacks of the GoGoKidz in a few areas, presumably based on customer feedback.  Right off the bat, the Travel Seat comes out of the box ready to go, with no loose parts that can be lost. It is also very easy to take on and off, using the car seat’s LATCH connectors which most people are very comfortable using. This also has the added benefit of not having the LATCH anchors drag on the ground when not being used. This is a really smart design and makes taking the seat on and off once you get on the plane or to your car much easier, a major drawback with the GoGoKidz. We often left it attached on the plane which made it very hard to buckle rather than trying to get it off once we were seated. The very study steel frame is also designed to keep the car seat from touching the ground and folds and stores easily in an airplane bin.

Overall, the new Travel Seat is well thought out product and very worthy challenger to the incumbent GoGoKidz. We will be making the switch. Check out the full review here.

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