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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? What is Swing Set Protocol?

Recently, we ran into a situation that I am sure is common across America. We have a swing set and our neighbors don’t. When we first put it in, our neighbors behind us (whom we don’t know very well) came … Continue reading

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Beware of Reputation Lag: Dell and Hyundia are Examples

Beware the perils of Reputation Lag! Too often, companies continue to be perceived by how they used to make products, provide customer service, etc., regardless of the current reality. Consider Dell and Hyundai, companies at two ends of the reputation … Continue reading

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Cutting Your Cable Internet and Phone Bill

If you haven’t noticed from your junk mail, there is a lot of competition these days for your phone, internet and television business as the lines blur between the companies that offer these services. Additionally, these companies have spent so … Continue reading

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Cheap Airline Tickets with Yapta

Yapta is a very cool new website tracks fluctuations in airline ticket prices, similar to a stock ticker and notifies you when a ticket you have already purchased or are interested in buying drops in price, so you can get … Continue reading

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Reduce Junk Mail for the Holidays

Reduce Your Junk Mail in Time for the Holidays If you are frustrated by all the junk mail that you receive and just throw away, here is a two step remedy which will help reduce your unwanted mail and spare … Continue reading

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