Cherry Blossom Baby Blanket

Everyone we know is always looking to find a baby gift that is high quality, personal and unique. This is especially true when you get into a 2nd or 3rd kid and all of the clothes and baby gear have already been bought. We have been the recipient of some great blankets over the years and they end up staying with our kids. However, like many other products you have to be careful with blankets about where they are made and what they are  made of  as looks can be deceiving.

The folks from Cherry Blossom Baby recently sent us one of their Old MacDonald Blankets to test out. They are a family run company based in Santa Cruz, California and the blankets are handmade in the US and use only FDA approved lead and chemical free material. The presentation of the blanket is very nice and comes with an attached gift tag which is a nice touch.

There is a printed side with a cute design made up of farm animals and fleece side which is very soft to the touch. The other feature I had not seen before was “curved corners” on the blanket which eliminate any points and add a nice design touch.

At $55, the blankets from Cherry Blossom will make a great gift and are likely to last long enough to be passed along. Most orders ship within 2-3 business days so you can also get your gift out quickly.

Use Code bb4bb to Save 20% on your order.

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