Cuddoozle Pillow Review

Last year, the nice folks from Cuddoozle sent me a nursing pillow that they wanted us to review and I told them I would have to wait for the next baby to arrive in the fall to have my wife test it out. During this time, a friend was in town for an unexpected delivery with their first baby, so I brought the pillow to her in the hospital to use and she wanted to keep it. As a result, this is now a guest review, which is a Bobby’s Best first. Here was her feedback.

“This nursing pillow was great and was a huge help while I was in the hospital those first few days. I loved the fact that it was firm and really held the baby in place. The little pillow that comes with it helps you keep the baby on an angle when you are nursing, you just position it under the nursing pillow exactly where you want it and then easily switch from one side to the other. It also really helped me keep my son propped up while he was was nursing which was great because of his reflux. Last but not least, the cover was also really easy to remove and wash which is a huge benefit. I recommend this pillow over the boppy to my friends.”

Learn more and buy the Cuddozle at

Cuddoozle by Naturally Norcott, Inc. is the creator of the Original Anti Microbial Memory Foam Hygienic Nursing Pillow

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