Don’t Buy a Tissot T-Touch: This Watch Has Problems

I don’t usually use this forum to bash products; however, my T-Touch Watch and Tissot have really frustrated me. About two years ago, my wife gave me a T-Touch watch for my birthday. I was wary about the high-tech aspect of it but was assured by the owner of the jewelry shop where we have shopped at for years that he was not aware of any problems (he owned a T-Touch watch as well).

My disappointment with this watch and Tissot’s customer service lead me to search out other reviews, and I found lots of cases where people had similar issues with the T-Touch functions not working properly. In my own case, the T-Touch features have failed on multiple occasions.

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The watch has died on me twice and has also done weird things such as change the date out of nowhere. I just received my watch back from Tissot Repair after sending it in for a fifth time in two years, meaning I have not had that watch for about a six-month period in total. Each time I mail it in, I send a letter asking them to PLEASE replace the watch as I don’t think it’s fair for this kind of money to have to keep having to sending it back for the same issue over and over; there had to be a lemon law in here somewhere. However, after promising to look into this each time, they just send back the watch saying that they fixed it and it passed their test only to have it fail again after a few months. This last time, they pretty much admitted that they don’t replace watches as a policy, but they also told me this was the first time they actually replaced the movement (on the fifth repair). This is not the level of service I would expect from a company such as Tissot. I also had issues this last time with water getting under the crystal, and I was told that it’s only waterproof to 30m so I shouldn’t take it in the shower. Huh? How can a watch that is designed to go underwater not be taken in the shower? I would never have purchased a T-Touch in the first place if I thought I couldn’t shower with it. As for the crazy resetting of the date, I was told the watch can be affected by magnets and needs to be reset from time to time. I don’t think I spend an abnormal amount of time near magnets. This is not what I was looking for at all in a day-to day watch.

Bottom line is DO NOT BUY a T-TOUCH WATCH if you don’t want aggravation. I agree with many of the other comments about the Tissot T-Touch such as that it looks great and the promise of the functionality is great, but the reality is that the watch does not perform well. Its classic form over function. More importantly, the customer service is horrible; and Tissot refuses to address or deal with the performance issue of this watch head on and instead blames the consumer who is just using it as they believed it was intended. I mean really, a watch with a timer, divers’ features, altimeter, stop watch and meteorological pressure is not targeted towards someone with a non-active lifestyle. That’s a little disingenuous to me.

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49 Responses to Don’t Buy a Tissot T-Touch: This Watch Has Problems

  1. Hafidz says:

    Hi there, i happen to be one of the victim. It is unacceptable when you spend huge amount of money on the watch that no working as it suppose to be. And Tissot still keep on selling this kind of watches without do anything to solve this problem.

  2. TJG says:

    DO NOT BUY A TISSOT T-TOUCH!! I purchased the watch on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship out of Venice in July of 2007. I LOVED the watch, and am a big outdoorsman that used the compass and altimeter, barometer—everything a lot hunting bighorn sheep in the Rocky Mountains. I literally thought I could be a commercial for TISSOT TOUCH. Last summer the watch quit working, and then started again, it worked on and off for a few months intermittently stopping—I assumed it was the battery and when it finally stopped for good I took it to my jeweler to have the battery replaced. He could not open it, which I discovered was a good thing because the warranty would have been void. I then contacted TISSOT through the website, and within a few days Veronica responded Friday, November 7, 2008, 9:14 AM. Since then I have been in touch with Time Tech, a referred watchsmith on your list, I sent them the watch (WITH a battery, since I expected that was the issue) only to discover after several weeks of persistence, that they do not work on the TOUCH and sent it away. It then took me quite some time to receive any further information as to where the watch went, who has it, what they are doing with it, when I will get it back. Of course, all this time, I was still thinking I had an $800 watch. I finally receive, after persistence once again, information that they sent it back to “the factory” and I cannot call them because Time Tech sent it to them and is the customer, not me, so they will not talk to me. OK, fair enough, after all I am getting my watch fixed for free, it is a warranty issue obviously—what happens next? I receive an estimate for $400, $245 minimum from TIME TECH. Where is the estimate from “the factory” or is the watch being repaired under warranty and Time Tech is charging me $245.00 to coordinate it? Also, why could I not send it to the factory in the first place? At this point I am thinking of tossing the watch and regretting the whole purchase—I can’t even sell it, it doesn’t work, and functional used one can be purchased for $290.00 on ebay—that is what I am being charged just to get mine back. I have been told that I need to get the battery replaced about 1/year (?) That seems like a pretty big hassle for an $800 watch. Did I make a mistake in buying TISSOT? As cool as the watch is and as much as I loved it for one year, that is a pretty expensive short term investment.

  3. ttg says:

    I agree. This watch gave me problems as well and I sent it to customer service various times. Their customer service sucks and even after I got a brand new one, it broke as well. Too many problems in it. I think that their idea was good, but they didn’t know how to implement it into a heavy-duty watch.

  4. Philip says:

    Hi, i have also purchased Tissot Touch watch and have been having nothing but problems. My watch keeps stoping every few weeks, then keeps beeping as if the battery died, and i have only replaced the battery. Im quite dissapointed with this watch.Think i will go for Tag or breitling next time.

  5. george says:

    i have a t touch watch and have had it for at least three years. I have had no problems with it at all until now. The compass will not operate. so i will contact tissot in toronto to fix the problem. i have been very satisfied with the watch and hope to keep it for a few more years.

  6. Burt Elliott says:

    Thanks everybody…I was just about to send my gift titanium t-touch watch back to a factory service center for repairs. Never did work right, and it was such a generous gift several years ago that I always felt bad that I was disappointed in it.

    After reading your various reviews, I’m just going to save the money and tuck it away in a drawer…I can’t bear to just toss it in the trash.

  7. Harvey Rose says:

    3 times for me to be sent for service for your same issues. I was shocked when Tissot told me I cannot get ANY water near it. They made me feel it was my fault I wash my hands. If anyone asks…DO NOT BUY A TISSOT.

  8. moshe says:

    hey, have this watch for 7 years now. It had to be replaced 3 times. the last time they told me that this watch is 3 atm water resistant but it is not to be showerd with. What a joke ha ? only its on me.

    All of the replaced mechanism was because of water corrosion and only now you are telling me that fact ?

    D o n t b u y tissot watches

  9. Norman Johnson says:

    I bought a Tissot T-Touch three years ago. While it was working, I loved it. However, this fall, the compass and alarm functions stopped working. The store where I bought it from sent the watch to the repair center and an estimate came back for $275.00 for the repair and would take more than a month before it could be fixed. I declined to have the service and the watch was returned. Upon receipt, I checked to see how it was working and found that the barometric function was now impaired and I could not reset the time (it’s still on daylight savings time). What I have left is a watch that cannot even show the correct time of day, except during the summer in the Pacific time zone.

    Recently I purchased a Casio Pathfinder from Costco for $69.00 which as all the functions of the T-Touch and more, and will probably last for decades. It’s ugly, but at least it can tell the correct time of day.

    In my opinion, the T-Touch is a poorly designed, unreliable, and overpriced watch which is backed up by expensive repairs and poor customer service.

  10. rifardo says:

    yes don’t buy that watch….. big problem, it doesn’t work correctly and a lot of problem to get it fixed in europe. mine is now totally out of order and nothing we can do, only pay around 300 Euros to fix it again… and again

    the customer services are poor and that brand is not awake for customers

    don’t buy it, i was in a retailer in europe for fixing again and the watch must be sent again in the factory !!!

  11. David says:

    Ditto, I have had mine for 3 years and during that time I have sent it back 3 times for a total time of 2 to 3 months each time.The first time they told me it would be 250 bucks to repair it. It was under warranty and thank goodness I was able to get it repaired for free. Now out of warranty I have lost one of the buttons and shortly after that the hands started going crazy and would not stop moving in a circle until 3 days later when it finally died. I love the watch and all it is supposed to do but unfortunately Tissot likes the service revenue it generates. Something is wrong with this picture.

  12. stevem says:

    Yes I have a t touch expert and was really surprised to find it just stopped working around a week after the 6 months shop replacement guarantee ran out it then took watchshopuk 3 months to get the watch to Tissot and back. it was returned with the hands out of sync with the LCD (surely they would set it up correctly before returning if they were proud of their products?) It seemed to work alright again for a week then one morning I found it had just switched off. i turned it on again and the hands were out of sync with the LCD the time and date were completely wrong. Tissot appears to be owned or linked to Swatch, makers of ‘disposable’ watches, they use Swatch in the UK to handle their business and repairs. the Tissot specific customer service number is NEVER answered, there is no provision for voice mail or email to contact them. Three months of watchshopUK and me calling demonstrates this. A call by watchshopuk (a big customer/ distribution channel for them) to their sales department was the only way that I got my watch back. I will never by another Tissot, it is a very expensive Swatch!

  13. Mark Arthur says:

    I have had a Tissot Touch for 5 years without any trouble. Purchased at Tourneau. I purchased there because of their name and that watches purchased there come with a free lifetime battery replacement.
    Recently took watch there to have battery replaced. At first they said they couldn’t replace battery, will need to send to factory. Then they said they could, opened watch up and discovered they did not have the correct battery. Will now have to send to factory. Received estimate from factory to replace battery $240. If this holds, they can keep the watch and I’ll continue to spread the news on how $240 equals free!!!

  14. ashraf says:

    yup..the same thing happens to my ttouch… dis is the 3rd time i hve to send it to repair.n now the date keep on running is ok if im using it at least for few years without problem but im only bought it 2 yrs ago n always hve trouble..such a shame to own an expensive branded watch but no quality at all.

  15. Elio says:

    Nice looking watch which I have had for about 5 years. Stopped working this past week so I thought perhaps the battery needed replacement. Took it to my watch repairman who promptly removed the back cover. He just looked at me and said the watch was finished and showed me the extensive corrosion inside. Water was the culprit and the only alternative was to replace the entire movement. I am shocked since the watch is supposed to be water resistent to 30m. I have a cheaper Timex which I take on demanding white water canoeing trips and it has performed vastly better and is still working fine. For the money, this really is a royal scam. Any watch that has a mechanical movement would just need a good cleaning and you would be back in business. So I’m back to my rolex Submariner which has never let me down in 30 years.

  16. Jaime says:

    Dear Tissot partners-users, I have Tissot watches for over 15 years but when I saw the T touch I had to have it. I´ve seen that the watch has a serious problem when close to a magnet, the analog watch get crazy so will be different to digital hour, or when in compass it will loose the north and south. Anyway, the functions as digital keep ok, the analog definitely will become crazy.

  17. Steven says:

    Same here – after three fixes under the warranty, the warranty ran out – guess what it failed again, I managed to get about 3 years but refuse to spend the $200 dollars for another 6 to 8 months use. Nesbits watch repair (Seattle) has been nothing but fabulous through the whole process. The owner tells me that he has seen bags with hundreds of failed Tissot movements and tells me not to put any more money into it. Too bad they can’t build a watch with the quality of a Casio – same function set for less than half the money and it actually works. Love the Tissot form factor but there quality is shameful. I’ve already talked some people out of buying their watch and will continue to give them maximum negative publicity. Timex makes a better watch then these clowns.

  18. Alex Louisiana says:

    Wow, Mine just did the same thing. Almost a year and the digital portion is going crazy. Lee Micheals salesman said the watch was cheap and the company even cheaper – like their Swatch watches.

    I showered with it but that’s it. What a shame. Hard earned money that was basically wasted.

    The saleman of fine time pieces took the cover off and showed me where water was getting in. This makes me feel dooped by Tissot.

  19. Andy says:

    My Tissot T-touch watch sucks and Joma Shop, online retailer, is just as bad. I have owned watch for 11 months and it has been sent back for repairs twice. The last time they sent it back saying it was caused by water damage which is not covered. Funny no mention of this was made during the first repair. Both times the watch was sent back showing the correct time, etc. but stopped keeping time within a week of my receipt. The Tissot Owner’s manual I received states the watch is watertight to 30 meters and gives explicit instructions on care for your watch after swimming in salt water. It tells you to rinse with fresh water and let it sit. Nowhere in the manual does it discourage swimming, showering, etc. It does say not to use the watch for sport diving.

    Joma Shop’s position is that water damage is not covered so I am out of luck on warranty and they did not even offer to repair it at my expense.

    Steer Clear of Joma Shop and the Tissot T-touch! It is a terrible watch sold to me by a terrible online retailer!

  20. andreas says:

    my tissot touch presented problems just 5 months after the purchase. tissot is not covering it with warranty because it is sold by an unothorised seller( Tissot accepts that the watch is original but still refuses to cover it.RIDICULUS! products are garrantied by the constructor NOT by the retailer.DO NEVER BUY DO NEVER TRUST TISSOT

  21. Joe says:

    Tissot T-Touch fails frequently.
    Tissot T-Touch not dependable.
    I bought mine Dec. 2007.
    Multiple functions failed at the same time after just three months and the Retailer replaced it with a new one.
    A month after the Warranty expired, the Pressure sensor and the compass stopped working correctly. Only the time functions and the temperature function work.
    I think it had something to do with the ‘plane ride I took.
    The cost to send it back to the “Factory” is prohibitive.
    One morning a few months later it was completely dead.
    I tried a new battery and kicked it back to life but that did not fix the problems.
    This is not what one would expect of a watch of this “quality”.
    I now have a watch that weighs a ton and is just another watch.
    Cannot recommend the Tissot T-Touch.

  22. Henrik says:

    I bought a T-Touch 3 years ago.It worked just fine during warranty period(2 years).Then the battery had to be changed..then,after 4 months,the watch cannot be adjusted.Nothing works.Poor,poor quality for a huge amount of money.Tissot should extend their warranty period from 2 to 5 years. No doubt that Tissot T-Touch watches have different design flaws.
    Conclusion:Don’t buy an overpriced watch with really bad quality.

  23. Suresh Kumar says:

    Dear People

    I couldn’t agree more on T-Touch.Don’t buy it ,it’s lot worse than buying a white elephant.I have two such watches not working. Tissot’s chronographs are good,i have five of them in working condition.
    Swatch chrono and Casio triple sensors are highly reliable,

    thank you for your time
    Suresh kumar

  24. Ed says:

    I guess I am only echoing previous comments with regard to the Tissot touch. I have owned mine since 2006. Recently, several functions failed but the watch continues to keep time accurately. When I took it to a watch maker for a new battery, he said that the battery was not the problem. The watch needed a new “movement” and the estimated cost was $400. A disappointing outcome for a relatively large investment in a watch.

  25. ofer osherov says:

    i got my t touch tissot in 2004.
    in 2006 i had a new battery inserted , by the importer roltime israel.
    i was asked for around 80$ for battery and sealing. i opted to pay for a battery change without sealing , around 13$, as i have another watch for sports activaties.2 weeks ago one of the knobs used for advancing the time ceased to function (but the watch time date, all functions worked ok.I brought it in to the importers lab for an estimate .and several days later was told i needed a complete new mechanism and new knob at 245$!!.the mechanism takes a month and a half to arrive once ordered from switzerland.i understand that if the knobs stop functioning the entire watch mechanism needs replacing as the parts were not designed to be separately repaired. i am very disapointed with this swiss watch which is vastly inferior and unreliable compared to much cheaper japanese and korean watches.
    Even if i fix it , its poor inherent design will end up soon in another problem , and no amount of fixing will solve that.
    so please stay away from theses tissot watches.

  26. Don Wheeler says:

    I bought my T Touch in Singapore airport back in 2006, slowly the touch screen facilities failed, I moaned to Tissot in 2009 but received no reply, early this year this watch functions all failed except for still showing the correct time, I moaned to Tissot again and suggested to them that I write my impressions of the watch to all the forums, they replied! and offered to fix the watch for free!!, which they have done and its back on my wrist today and all working OK, it pays to complain even when something is out of warranty, Thank you Tissot.

  27. Rahul says:

    I’m glad I read this article as I was about to order a T-Touch but have changed my mind!

    Needless to say, I have been wearing a Tissot Seastar 1000 for the past 2 years and have worn it every day. This thing is built like a tank and I’m very surprised at the poor performance of the T-Touch.

  28. richa says:

    Its true. I bought a Tissot watch and it stopped working in just 5 days of purchase. Though the dealer and service centre admitted that there is a manufacturing defect, they refused to simply replace the watch. Even a complaint to tehir parent company is of no use. They have shrugged their reponsibility.

  29. Mark Beard says:

    A complete failiure of a product. The T-Touch is expensive in unreliable!!!!! Mine broke 3 times in 2 years and when the warranty was up, I had to spend $250 on another repair. It works in a fashion but now I dont wear it.

  30. alvin says:

    I bought a T Touch-Titanium in Cambodia, in a vacation trip with my family, it looks very nice and elegant
    I have it as a Gift for MYSELF, after working in a very ardious project,,,
    but after less than a year, Everything Fails !!!!Time,Compass,etc
    The Name Tag and The Price tag does not Guaranty of a good product,,,
    The name is so popular and the price is so ,, What we call OVERPRICED,,
    The Company should RECALL this Product,,,
    Since 1853,,,, They just ruined the 100 years of good reputation
    The Company should take care of the Customers,, it was them who made you last more than a hundred years,,
    I would also Highly Recommend,,DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH,,,,,

  31. Mindy says:

    Agreed! I bought this watch as a gift for my husband. The battery died and we sent it in to Tissot to be changed – it was returned to us two months later in the same non-functional state. The jeweler we used was told that “there are problems with this year/model and there’s no fix available”. They graciously offered to sell us a new Tissot at a discounted price of $500… Never again.

  32. alex says:

    I agree with the friends above! I bought my t-touch and in one year I;ve spent 250 euros ti repair it and then it happens again! I believe the crystal on it is very sensitive. Anyway it’s a little dissapointing for such a great brand like Tissot…

  33. Pete says:

    Here’s a strange one. I had my Tissot Touch in April 2005 as an anniversary present and it has been reliable and has never failed and remarkably, it has kept going on it’s original battery. Four weeks ago it started indicating that it was time to replace the battery so I took it into a Tissot retailer who informed me the watch had to go back into the factory as he could not replace the battery in house. This would cost £50. OK so far.

    Yesterday I had a call from the jeweller who told me that Tissot have sent a message basically saying that the T1 is obsolete and thet cannot replace the battery as they cannot reseal the watch afterwards. They would however replace the watch with a brand new, contemporary model for £172. The retail price would be around £630.

    OK – the deal seems to be acceptable, but I am stunned at the reasons given – so much so that I think there must be more to the story. Basically I loved that watch, it was a perfect time piece that never gave problems and did exactly what it said on the box, plus it had a sentimental value to me. Just hope, having read what you guys report above, that its replacement will be as good.

  34. Aled says:

    I’ve just started a watch retail/wholesale company in my country and after reading the comments here, i’m starting to have doubts if i should include Tissot on my brands.

    Coincidentally, I happen to own a T-Touch which i just check now while browsing this page because i’ve gotten afraid of the quality based from what i’ve red. I rarely used this watch. And funny as this may seem, the ABC functions is not working now. Manuals available (not in the box, only online – a very bad marketing idea) don’t have a troubleshooting instructions for the problem so i guess i’ll have to check on it for 3 days before i send it back for repair (which makes me nervous) if it does really NOT function anymore.

    Well, my assessment, if this product fails me, is that it has design flaws which the Tissot/Swatch company failed to assess, improve or eliminate before they offered it in the market (most problems suggested here were similar). I guess that reflects how disorganized a company is if it is true. Why would a good company sell a troublesome product at the expense of their customers? Marketing Pressure, Profit Margins, Competition, etc.? Poor customers.

    I just hope that the watch will work again or I’ll be writing about this (linking this page) on many of our forums in the net & in print. As a paying customer, we pay for the right price to get what we want & what companies say they can offer. It is just right that we really don’t deserve bad products.

  35. Rami says:

    I am the frustrated owner of one T-Touch, i will not share the whole story but what i will indicate is that when you own a T-Touch you need to have a regular Japanese whatch as a back up for the long weeks that your T-Touch spend in the repair lab. out of 3 people i know who owned this watch including me all of us had problems and failures with this watch. i dont have enough words to describe how lousy is this product .
    I think that all of us should organize and raise our protest to Tissot and demand for a replacement to another model which will be hopefully more reliable , this lousy reliability is not expected fronm a 500 Euro watch . wonder what can be done to warn a

  36. biketowork says:

    I recently sent mine in for a “battery replacement” too. I just received a call that it needs a complete overhaul and that it would cost me $44o or I could upgrade with their “replacement program”. My jeweler said that this was the first she had ever heard of a replacement program and would inquire about it. Have any of you heard of such a proposal? It almost sounds like them not admitting to a factory/manufacturing defect, but doing a quiet recall.

  37. biketowork says:

    Update: After asking my jeweler to have Tissot’s watch repair service answer some questions about the exact problems that exist, I was told some displeasing news. My Jeweler informed me that Tissot refused to explain anything said that the, now, $490 (it was $440 on the phone) was the cost of a complete overhaul. As it was explained, the complete overhaul does not replace any parts, but just cleans the inside of the watch.

    The watch replacement program was also explained to me too. I could apply the $490 (again, I must emphasize that this is not the $440 mentioned before) to the 2012 version of my T-Touch and Tissot would pay the difference. They said that they are willing to do this because they have stopped making parts for my watch and, if it ever breaks, they would not be able to fix it.

    Using my watch as an example, I suppose that the hands are supposed to move slowly and point in the wrong directions when using the functions. If it only needs to be cleaned (from my understanding of what overhauls are, a cleaning is a good description), then nothing is wrong with my watch. The lack of information suggests that it is neither the battery nor any faulty parts causing my watch to malfunction. It only needs a good $490 cleaning, and after 5 years of use the hands are supposed to move slowly and display both North and Northeast at the same time whilst using the compass.

    Looking at all of this, one might infer that 1) nothing is wrong with my T-Touch or its battery because it just needs to be cleaned, and 2) Tissot is not only has excellent customer service, but respects their customers so much that they do not want to bore them with technical talk because they are cutting to the chase and allowing me to apply the money I would have spent cleaning my watch to a new one!

    Looking at the cost of ownership, I paid approximately $550 for my T-Touch Ti, having the T-Touch has cost me $110 a year. Assuming the new version has the same build quality, excellent by Tissot’s standards, the battery lasts as long, and I only have to give it a good cleaning once every five years, then the cost of ownership of the new Tissot is going to be $98 a year. This means that I will be saving money if I do the exchange program.

    This is unless you take in account that the reason I purchased the Tissot T-Touch in the first place. This was because I did not want to pick up a camping/hiking watch and a dress watch. I had heard that Tissot’s quality was excellent and thought it quite possibly could be the last watch I would buy. With this thinking in mind, my initial cost of ownership estimate was $550 over 50 years with about $50 every five years to replace the battery and clean it. In other words, $21 a year. Now the exchange program does not look to be saving me any money, but instead costing me a lot more.

    Looking at all of this, and using my wasteful American thinking, this means that every two to three years I could buy a new Casio Ti Pathfinder and throw away the old one. If I do this, I may look geeky in a suit, but is a lot better than being lost in the Cascades by always heading North/Northeast. In summary, I no longer trust Tissot to make quality products, nor do I trust my jeweler to liaise (how do others pay $440 on the phone, $490 in person, and others pay about $275?).

  38. Corey says:

    my jeweler just told me about this upgrade program as well. my touch has never worked properly. it is all corroded inside from showering and swimming, lovely. any suggestions on finding details for a replacement or upgrade program would be helpful.

  39. Anthony says:

    My T-Touch (bought in 2006) had its original battery die a short time ago, so I took it to the jewelry store I purchased it from to have the battery replaced. They told me that they had to send it back to Tissot for this; it would cost around $100, and I was fine with that. Never had any problems with the watch before the battery died, everything worked perfectly. Well, after Tissot gets my T-Touch, they tell me that the problem with the watch is not the battery, as they replaced it twice and the watch still does not work (odd as how everything worked fine UNTIL the battery died), and that I need to pay $440 to have the watch cleaned/repaired/overhauled. What the hell? Needless to say, I told them No and I’m waiting for my expensive now-paperweight to be returned to me.

    The silly thing is that we got my wife a T-Touch at the exact same time I did (same exact model, except she got the one with a leather band instead of stainless steel); her battery ran out at the same time mine did, and her watch was sent in to have the battery replaced with my watch. Hers is fine. Apparently with a T-Touch, you’ve got a 50-50 chance of having a watch last past your first battery replacement. Heck, I’ve got a Seiko watch that I paid about $100 for back in 1979 that’s still working fine, looks as good as it did then (minus a few minor scratches on the underside of the band), and I get its battery changed at the mall at a kiosk for ten bucks. Care to guess what manufacturer will NOT make my next watch? I have now learned: Never again will I buy a Tissot watch.

  40. Tom says:

    It appears as though we have all had issues with these watches. Mine is a Titanium T-Touch, worked for about 2 years, then half the crystal died. Had a jeweler send it back to Tissot and they quoted me around $600 to replace the crystal. What! Seriously!?! I complained and they finally acquiesed and said that they woudl replace it with the new version for just $700 (They offered me $50.00 off for my old watch.) I told them where they could put thier watch.

    My question is this? Is anyone an attorney or has anyone spoke to an attorney about this issue. It seems pretty serious to me with all of these people spending $600 – 8000 on a watch and so many of them failing after just a year or two. Mine even says it is water resistant to 30 meters, so why do they now say to keep it away from any kind of moisture? Sounds like false advertising to me.

  41. Anthony says:

    Well, here’s an update from my comment on May 16, 2012. I went to pickup my and my wife’s watch yesterday from the jewelry store, fully expecting mine to be just a shiny paperweight. However, my watch was working perfectly when the jewerly store clerk handed it to me.

    Now I had steadfastly told Tissot that I would not pay $440 for their cleaning/repair/overhaul (particularly since they told me they had replaced the battery twice, and it refused to work, despite the watch’s having worked perfectly until its battery died), so I doubt that they just decided to repair it on their own, free of charge. The jeweler didn’t mention anything to me about Tissot repairing it on their own. I’m starting to wonder if Tissot’s repair department’s default position is to tell people that their T-Touch needs a $440/490 repair, and see how many people bite. If nothing is wrong with the watch, Tissot has just made a lot money for doing nothing. If something is wrong with the watch, they do the cleaning/repair/overhaul for $440/490 (which you can bet probably doesn’t cost half that). Or, in cases where the watch really is broken, they’ll offer you the $440/490 upgrade to a new watch (or a much lesser discount) as some have mentioned, depending on time of day, month of year, and/or phase of the moon.

    I’m definitely suspicious now, since my watch went from my believing it only needed a new battery, to Tissot’s saying that it needed a $440 cleaning/repair/overhaul after the battery was replaced twice without the watch working, to the watch showing up working fine after I refused to pay for the service. I would have been less suspicious if the watch had come back broken than by its coming back working. I very much wonder about the practices of Tissot’s repair department.

  42. Mike Catling says:

    When my Tissot T- Touch died I mailed it to the Swatch service centre in Toronto because no jeweler would attempt to replace the battery. Their technician reported the watch was unrepairable, the bezel was scratched, etc. etc. They offered to exchange my watch and $600 for a new Tissot. I took the watch home and ordered a package of 1632 batteries. I found an excellent posting on the Internet explaining how to replace the battery. Figuring I had nothing to lose I carefully followed the step-by-step instructions. As soon as I properly installed the new battery, the watch fired up and worked fine. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the watch. All it needed was a new battery. I have no idea what game the Swatch Group is playing, but I have lodged a complaint.

  43. Godwin Austen says:

    I am also the proud owner of a broken T-Touch watch. Short story: bought 2005, broken 2007, 2008 and 2012 and now can’t be repaired because Tissot are no longer making the parts after releasing a new model. This demonstrates an unbelievable lack of integrity.

    In reply to Anthony (posted June 12), I reckon Tissot replaced your movement free of charge as the watch’s insides appear to be fairly fragile and not very repairable. Solution: Tissot replaces the movement, rather than try to fix the unfixable. They did this to my watch in 2008 and only charged me for a replacement battery.

    Tissot’s solution to having sold very unreliable watches in the T-Touch modes is to sell you ANOTHER watch in the form of the T-Touch Exchange (at a discount, of course). I said “No, thanks”, as I don’t trust this company to be able to make a reliable T-Touch after the issues experienced in the original and Expert ranges.

    I ended up communicating / negotiating with the company president Francois Thiebaud and technical head Francois Bregnard . They kept reducing the cost of the Exchange a fraction at a time, but in the end I walked away in disgust.

    I would recommend contacting these people with your complaints as Tissot obviously need a few more people to complain about their sub-standard products and below average customer service for them to start listening.

    If a company like TI SSOT can’t fix these things, they might as well spell their name backwards and call themselves TOSS IT, as that’s all they’ll be good for…

  44. Godwin Austen says:

    I am also the proud owner of a broken T-Touch watch. Short story: bought 2005, broken 2007, 2008 and 2012 and now can’t be repaired because Tissot are no longer making the parts after releasing a new model. This demonstrates an unbelievable lack of integrity.

    In reply to Anthony (posted June 12), I reckon Tissot replaced your movement free of charge as the watch’s insides appear to be fairly fragile and not very repairable. Solution: Tissot replaces the movement, rather than try to fix the unfixable. They did this to my watch in 2008 and only charged me for a replacement battery.

    Tissot’s solution to having sold very unreliable watches in the T-Touch modes is to sell you ANOTHER watch in the form of the T-Touch Exchange (at a discount, of course). I said “No, thanks”, as I don’t trust this company to be able to make a reliable T-Touch after the issues experienced in the original and Expert ranges.

    I ended up communicating / negotiating with the company president Francois Thiebaud, francois.thiebaud AT and technical head Francois Bregnard, francois.bregnard AT They kept reducing the cost of the Exchange a fraction at a time, but in the end I walked away in disgust.

    I would recommend contacting these people with your complaints as Tissot obviously need a few more people to complain about their sub-standard products and below average customer service for them to start listening.

    If a company like TI SSOT can’t fix these things, they might as well spell their name backwards and call themselves TOSS IT, as that’s all they’ll be good for…

  45. jooe says:

    is those problems come with the tissot t-touch expert also ? i wanted to buy a t-touch ,but after these reports i am thimking again abt it :s

  46. berry says:

    Bought my T/thouch in 2007 in Swiss. Worked great, no problems. Swimming, shower, n problem. Till march-april this year. To cut a long story short. My jeweller proposed
    1 sent it to Tissot to repair, because it´s not only the battery. Cost=No idea, at least 65 euro just to sent it in. But she warned that there are so mutch problems with Tissot en water. After repairing too many complaits that the watch is not waterproeef anymore.
    2 that i can swap it to the new T/Touch 2 for half the money of the new price. i.e. titanium 375 euro.
    I don´t think it´s just. When you buy a watch like this, you might expect that it lasts longer than five years. And what happens in 5 years. Well at least there seams to be some reaction to the critics.

  47. Tom says:

    Don’t buy a Tissot Touch. I received my as a gift from my wife about five years ago. It stop working completely last year and I thought it was the battery. I brought it to an authorized dealer and was told the Touch watches have to be sent to the factory for battery replacement. After paying a $50 dollar deposit I get a call 4 weeks later saying Tissot no longer manufactures the parts needed to repair my watch and will offer a discount on a new one if I wish to exchange it. What a load of garbage, I’ve gotten better use out of $30 dollar watches. No way will I spend money on another Tissot.

  48. CHris B says:

    I found the battery was faling as on holiday in Thailand. I found a swatch service dept and was told 500bht to replace. Took it there and was told 2 of the functions were not working. Temp and chrono not working. They told me that Tissot are not making this model any more but would sell me the equivilent 2012 touch 2 for half price but would be a 1 and half months as has to be sent back for replacement. Was tempted as didnt have problems like many complaints before. Not sure what to do now.

  49. Brady says:

    My freaking T-Touch is haunted just like a lot of people here. My hands start spinning around for no reason and it starts beeping incessantly. I will never buy another and afraid to try and send it away for repair.

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