Honeywell HCM-800 Review, One Cool Humidifier

For many, the start of winter means the start of colds and bringing down the humidifiers from the attic, especially if you have forced hot air heating, which tends to be very dry. My biggest beef with humidifiers is the filter, which can cost up to half the price of the humidifier itself. With models changing from year to year, it’s very hard to find a replacement filter for your system and often it’s worth just buying a new one instead and throwing out the old one. I also don’t trust the indicators that are supposed to tell you when to change it.

I have been really happy with the recently released Honeywell HCM-800 humidifier which replaced an older Honeywell model we had. For starters, it has a removable permanent washable filter which will save you a lot of money and makes it easy to keep the humidifier clean. Two simple knobs control the humidity setting and the strength of the fan. Also, unlike all humidifiers I have owned had in the past, this one has a very wide mouth opening for filling the tank, which makes the process much faster and easier. It also lets you get your hand in the tank to clean in out. A fill will last you about three nights.
The one other unique feature of the HCM-800 is an illuminated waterfall window which quietly indicates that the unit is running with a soft blue glow. The running water is more of a soothing sound than the traditional humidifier fan. When it reaches the desired humidity, the light changes from blue to green.

While the HCM-800 costs a little more up front, it will definitely save you money and aggravation in the long run.

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2 Responses to Honeywell HCM-800 Review, One Cool Humidifier

  1. terry reid says:

    filter builds up with minerals which cannot be cleaned now it smells moldy and good luck finding a replacement filter since it is supposed to be permanent .i wish i never bought it

  2. David Mitchell says:

    Actually Terry, I just found out you actually can replace the filter. It’s not perfect, but at least it removes the moldy crappy one they say you dont need to replace. If you go online or local walmart, look for a “Protec” extended life humidifier filter. This is almost the same size as the one they use inside the HCM-800. Like i said its not an exact fit, but it works good enough to keep it from leaking (if you remove the filter completely) and it keeps that moldy smell out of the house.

    To remove the existing filter you need a pair of pliers and a flat screwdriver to pop the filter shell off; then remove the old material inside, replace the Protec and you are good to go. Remember to remember how the bottom piece of plastic (outside case) fits together, because if you reverse it, it will not fit inside the humidifier flush. You will squish the new material filter a bit when fiddling with putting it back together, but it work just fine once its all together.

    Hope this helps.


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