How Shutterfly Saved a Career

Julie could not have been more thrilled as she flipped her phone shut and put in her purse. She had gotten off the phone with an accomplished make-up artist and had just received news that was to assist her on the set of a high-profile fashion shoot in Rio di Janeiro, Brazil. For Julie, this was her big break – her first paying job as a freelance make-up artist since setting out to make her name in the industry. In one week’s time she would fly out to Rio and meet the people who could send her career soaring. Needless to say, Julie had cause for celebration, so that night she called up her four best friends to tell them the good news and plan for a night of drinks and dancing at their favorite bar in Brooklyn that coming Friday.

At the end of the night Julie and her friend, Anna, set off for home. Usually they would call for a car service but the weather was so nice that the two decided to save their money and walk. The pair didn’t get very far before a man with nervous look about him approached Julie and made a sudden move for Julie’s purse. However, Julie wasn’t about to give up her purse so easily. She knew very well that without the contents of her purse, she could not possibly make it to Brazil for the photo shoot. In her purse she kept her Passport (despite being warned not to), her cell phone which contained all of her business contacts, her wallet with her photo ID, Credit cards, and 200 dollars in cash, and a mug with a picture of Julie and her friends on it, which has Anna had given her that night as congratulatory gift. The mug had certainly made Julie’s night when she received it, but it was the other items that were on her mind as she pleaded with crazed man who tried violently to tear her purse away from her. “Please! I can’t let you take my purse right now! I’ll give you my cash, just leave me with my stuff,” she frantically reasoned, but it was no use, and the man eventually won the tug of war match and ran off into the dark with Julie’s purse.

In a state of shock, Julie began thinking of what she could do. Anna used her phone to call the police, who arrived and took down a report, but there was very little that could be done. Julie knew that she would not be able to make her flight to Brazil and that even worse; she would be letting down a very influential figure in her industry. It would be hard to bounce back from this one.

The next day she gathered up the will to walk to her bank to begin to put things back to normal. As she rounded a corner and approached her bank, something on the dashboard of a parked car caught her eye. It was the mug! She peered in closer and could clearly see the picture of her and her friends staring back at her from the messy beat-up car parked before her. On the passenger seat she noticed her cell phone, and on the floor her purse! Her heart raced as she thought of the best action to take. Many things crossed her mind before she decided to run into the bank and alert the security guards to watch the car and call the police. Moments later, Julie was holding her purse and all the things she needed to take this important step in her career. The first thing she did was call Anna to thank her again for the great mug.
These days, Julie brings the mug with her on all photo shoots and movie sets – it’s her lucky mug.

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