How to Clean and Maintain an Infrared Grill

At least once every six months, it is prudent to inspect your infrared grill for wear and tear, with specific regard to potential damage to the heating element, infrared plate, and the grate itself. Worn or damaged pieces ought to be replaced prior to subsequent use. Contact your manufacturer if you have questions regarding grill damage, replacement parts, and replacement procedures. In some cases, you may have the option to take your grill to an authorized repair facility.

Assuming your infrared grill is in proper, safe working condition, you may proceed with standard cleaning procedure.

1. Clean the grill’s heating element by taking a wire brush and removing any obstructions and debris from the heating element as well as from the burner’s openings.

2. If your infrared grill has a grate: remove the grate and clean off any cooking debris with an appropriate cleaning tool, given the construction of your grate. For example, a metal grate can be cleaned with a wire brush, whereas a cast iron or porcelain-coated grate necessitates a brush with soft nylon bristles (so as not to scratch the grate’s surface). In some cases, turning the grill on to high heat may burn off some of the old food particles, thereby automating part of the cleaning process. Then, wipe down the grate with a soft, damp cloth. If stubborn debris remains, you may use a mixture of mild liquid detergent with warm water to encourage the removal of said debris.

3. Clean your infrared heating surface gently by brushing off old debris. You may also opt for a non-abrasive cleaner to dislodge debris that wasn’t removable with gentle brushing.

Routine maintenance after each use of your infrared grill will make this procedure easier, as well as keep your grill running in tip-top shape in between. If you are diligent about wiping down the grate after each use (once the unit has cooled down), it will prevent food from hardening onto the grate. Also, it is helpful to line the grates and infrared emitter plates with a thin coat of high-heat cooking oil after cleaning. This will best prepare your grill for its next use.

Top image credit to Weber Grills.

Bottom image credit to Weber Grills.

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