Keeping Your Feet Warm In Ski Boots – Hotronic M3

I love to ski, but my feet are always cold due to poor circulation. For years, I used to buy boots that were too big to give me the wiggle room that I needed, but this really took away from performance. Also, the disposable heaters really get in your way. However, along with warmer boot liners, the latest Hotronic M3/M4 Ski Boot Warmers made a huge difference for me and have brought the fun back to skiing. Hotronic’s have a heating pad that goes under your foot bed in your ski boot which is then connected to rechargeable battery pack. The system keeps your feet warm for hours. I am currently testing out the redesigned Hotronic Power Plus M3’s which work very well and don’t have the same memory problems that plagues older Hotronic models.

Read the full Hotronic M3/M4 Review at Bobby’s Best.

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  1. I’ve used these Hotronics for a few years now and they are a revelation! I used to get really numb toes, and now I havent had it for years. Well worth the investment.

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