Lead Free Toys for the Holidays

I am not sure if the problem is bigger than it ever was or if we are all now more aware, but any time my kids put something in there mouth these days that’s painted, my reaction is to take it away and see if its made in China. With toy recalls now a daily occurrence and the industry reeling, it’s definitely making people thing twice about what gifts they by this holiday season.

As part of my 2007 Holiday Gift list, I have selected toys only where the manufacturers or retailer has stated the the materials or paint are non-toxic You may also feel better buying from a retailer such as Land of Nod or eBeanstalk, who have taken a probative stance to test the items that they sell and ensure their safety. Also, this statement may be somewhat of a generalization, but the majority of the problems seem to be with cheap toys. Items that are made with real wood, are handmade, etc are generally a better bet and will also last much longer.

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