Making a Wave with Wave System Review

It’s pretty amazing the impact that one person can have with their opinion. Last week I posted a quick blog entry (below) regarding the Biometric fingerprint reader on my new Dell Notebook because I was frustrated with the installation process. Immediately after, I noticed a huge spike in visits from a Yahoo! Message board which I couldn’t identify. Then, a gentlemen e-mails me to tell me that my post has been the main topic of discussion the past two days on the Yahoo finance board for a public company called Wave Systems, which manufactures the software for the reader. Upon visiting the board, I learned that the stock was just announced for delisting and seems to have quite a bit of controversy and dubious promoters. I guess my posting was one of the first customer reviews of the product and someone found it and posted it there. There was also a reply to my post by someone named J. Cain that reads like a press release leading me to believe that he/she works for or on behalf of the company. You can follow the history with the links below. It’s quite amusing, especially since my post was really about Dell and my mention of Wave was more of a side note.

Thread 1 – Wave Systems Yahoo! Finance board

Thread 2 – Wave Systems Yahoo! Finance board

Wave Systems Message Board

Discussion of the problem on Dell’s Support Site

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